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Masonry Fireplace Doors With Designs

Edison Masonry Fireplace Door
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Cascadian Masonry Fireplace Door
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Hammered Edge Masonry Fireplace Door
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Craftsman Masonry Fireplace Door
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Banded Scroll Masonry Fireplace Door
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Madrid Masonry Fireplace Door
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Black Rock Masonry Fireplace Door
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Blacksmith Masonry Fireplace Door
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Masonry Fireplace Doors With Designs

Masonry fireplace doors are meant to be bold, beautiful, and unique! Add a touch of pizzazz to your living space with a model from this collection of fireplace glass doors! We offer an array of designs, extraordinary finishes, and plenty of decorative styles for you to choose from, including old world, modern, contemporary, and vintage charm.

Click on any replacement fireplace door you see here, then begin creating the look you've been dreaming of when you select specific options, such as size, color, glass tint, and more. 


How Do I Choose A Fireplace Door?

Selecting the perfect door to accent your fireplace and living area can be quite enjoyable. However, before you begin browsing through our exquisite collection of gorgeous replacement fireplace doors, there are a few things you'll need to take into consideration first.

  • Verify whether you have a masonry or zero-clearance (factory built) fireplace.
    • Masonry fireplaces are constructed with the home in which they reside. They are created with brick or natural stone, and held together with mortar. When you look at the interior of your chimney, you will see that the brick or stone is consistent. Additionally, the chimney outside your home would be brick or clay only – not vinyl or any other type of siding. There should be no metal facing on a masonry fireplace.
    • Zero-clearance fireplaces are ones that have been built someplace else and installed within your home. Take a look at the chimney: if the exterior is covered with vinyl or another type of siding, or if you have a metal surround for your fireplace, then you have a factory-built unit.
    • Masonry doors are designed quite a bit differently than zero-clearance, or pre-fab, fireplace doors. Pre-fab units must be custom-made so that the door frame does not cover up the air inlets that are found within the opening of the metal fireplace. If air cannot circulate through the inlets, the fireplace could overheat and lead to a fire. Pre-fab doors also come with specific hardware for attachment to a metal fireplace. 
  • Measure your fireplace.
    • Obtain the dimensions of your fireplace opening. Take note of your hearth's position (flush with the firebox, not present, above the firebox, etc.). All of these measurements will help you determine if you need a stock or custom-made door. This does not refer to the look, as much as it does the structure. Stock doors are usually an overlap fit, where custom-made doors fit inside the fireplace opening. Properly fitting doors are vital to your fireplace's performance. Those that don't fit appropriately not only decrease the efficiency of your heating application, but they can also pose a fire hazard. For more details on how to measure for fireplace doors, click here!
  • Pick a style!
    • Now that you know what type of fireplace you have and which door type you require, you can browse through our beautiful line of custom fireplace doors! We have many different styles available from rustic and vintage to elegant and industrial. We also have modern and contemporary designs that blend in with almost any décor. You'll have the opportunity to pick from a variety of options to fully customize your door, including the finish color, spark protection, handle style, and glass tint! 


Can I get a fireplace door without glass?

  • For the safety of our customers and their homes and loved ones, we strongly caution against utilizing a fireplace without some type of protection. Factory doors come equipped with a fixed glass panel(s) specifically designed to stay in place during the operation of your fireplace. Here are some reasons that glass doors are so important to the safety and operation of your fireplace, be it wood or gas burning:
    • The glass is an essential part of how the fireplace drafts, ensuring that the combustion gases go to the outside of the home - not into the living space. 
    • By law, homeowners are required to have a safeguard against sparks on their fireplace. If the homeowner chooses an open hearth style (no fireplace doors), then a mesh screen is mandatory.
    • Some homeowners choose to install both a mesh screen and fireplace glass doors for dual protection. We feel this is an extremely smart choice!
    • Additionally, unless you have to replace the glass panels due to damage or updating, we recommend never removing fireplace doors. 



Fireplace Door Helpful Hints

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