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Masonry Fireplace Doors By Brand

Every company has a certain style, and the same is true for fireplace doors! We carry several different suppliers and it’s because their style is as unique as your tastes. And, we want to offer plenty of products to choose from. From this page you can browse a specific company and see what they offer, plus learn a little bit more about your fireplace!

Custom Firescreen

Economical and simplistic, Custom Firescreen is a great choice if you’re trying to stay within a budget but still want something nice to go on the fireplace. Their selection includes everything from bright, modern silver fireplace finishes to a beautiful gold corner fireplace door. All of their doors can be customized to fit almost any fireplace out there and multiple finish options mean that you’ll be able to find a product that looks great with your home décor. Here’s an idea: why not pair one of Custom Firescreen’s durable fireplace doors with one of their grate heaters?

Custom Metal Company

While other fireplace door companies may specialize in a particular style, Custom Metal Company specializes in unique products ideal for the artistic homeowner! All of their products are made of high quality materials and they are made to order (which is why shipping can sometimes take longer). What you get in return for that wait is the perfect door for your arched fireplace, or a beautiful fireplace door that will inspire the imagination. With Custom Metal Company, the only question is what can you think up for your fireplace?

Design Specialties

picturesque (adjective)
pic•tur•esque | \ ˌpik-chə-ˈresk \
Definition of picturesque
1b: charming or quaint in appearance*

That’s the perfect description of one of Design Specialties picturesque fireplace doors! We love how these masonry fireplace doors almost look like a picture frame so that when a fire is going in the fireplace, you have this beautiful scene. It can set the mood for a romantic evening or be the perfect backdrop to family game night, you choose! Design Specialties also has some great choices when it comes to corner fireplace doors. Some, like the Stiletto corner fireplace door, have a minimalist appearance so you get the benefit of a glass fireplace door, but it’s unobtrusive as well. Others, like the Brookfield corner fireplace door, capture the same picture frame look as their other masonry fireplace doors. Go ahead, browse these picture perfect doors!

Fireplace Doors Online

Yep, that’s us! We have our own line of fireplace doors in addition to featuring suppliers. We create affordable fireplace doors that look fantastic on your masonry fireplace, but without spending a bundle! With our masonry doors we try to provide a variety, such as arch conversion fireplace doors, or doors with a more minimalist style! Like all of the other products we carry, shipping is free and it comes from right here in Pennsylvania. If you’re in Warren, come see our fireplace products in our showroom!

Portland Willamette

A fireplace door for every home, Portland Willamette creates some truly beautiful masonry doors! They offer a wide range of fireplace door styles, including ultra modern fireplace doors like the Broadway reveal (below and to the left) or their grand forge fireplace door (the one below and to the right) which is a perfect choice for someone looking for a more artistic fireplace door. Like all of the other products we carry, Portland Willamette’s fireplace products are high quality and designed to withstand the test of time.

Residential Retreat

There’s something very stately about Residential Retreat’s traditional fireplace doors! We love how their fireplace doors capture this old world look, but with new world craftsmanship and pricing. These masonry fireplace doors are affordable, plus they are made with high quality materials that will hold up for years better than many other fireplace doors out there. Some of their designs are overlap fit as well, which means that you can cover uneven brick edges at the top and sides of your fireplace.


Unlike many other companies out there, Thermo-Rite has mesh fireplace doors! Though tempered glass can withstand a lot, some customers just don’t like the idea of a glass fireplace door, but they still want some kind of protection. That’s where a mesh fireplace door comes in. Plus, you can also keep a mesh fireplace door closed while the fire is going—it helps keep your family safe whether there’s a fire going or not! Plus, their mesh fireplace doors (and their glass ones as well) are just as customizable as any other door. They also make some beautiful arch conversion fireplace doors that can give you the fireplace you’ve always wanted—without the expensive remodel!

You know a little more about our brands, now what? Well, it’s important to be sure that you’re getting just what you need. You can’t put a car part from a gas car onto your electric, right? The same thing applies with fireplace doors—only, you know, no plugging into an outlet to charge it. You need to know what kind of fireplace you have and even the way it’ll be used.

Masonry Fireplaces and Manufactured Fireplaces

They really aren’t the same! And, it matters because of how a fireplace door functions on the different types of fireplaces. What are the key differences between a masonry fireplace and a pre-fab fireplace? Masonry fireplaces are built along with the house—they are sewn into the fabric of your home, while typically a manufactured fireplace is added afterwards.

We specialize in providing the best glass fireplace doors in the United States!

Though, it’s important to note that some new constructions have pre-fab fireplaces installed during construction. These are not the same as masonry fireplaces! We have a help guide on figuring out what kind of fireplace you have here.For the safety of your home and loved ones, it’s a good idea to make sure of what you have and, if you aren’t sure after reading our article, feel free to ask! Our Ask Chris feature is designed just for those kinds of questions, and our founder and the expert on fireplaces, Chris, is always happy to answer your questions.

Another important factor to consider is what you’ll be burning.

Higher temperatures can impact the finish of a fireplace door, so it’s a good idea to take everything from how the fireplace is made to the type of fuel (wood, natural gas, propane, etc) you’ll be using into consideration.