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Mantels & Hearths

A fireplace really is more than just a hole in the wall—it’s the stone hearth that keeps sparks from getting into the rest of the home, and a mantel where pictures of grandma smile out at the room. This is the focal point of your living room or patio, and you want to make sure that it’s both safe and beautiful. You’ll love reading our blog posts talking about these two invaluable parts of your fireplace!

Your outdoor fireplace has needs too! Take a look at our guide on outdoor fireplace accessories.

Did you know that you can optimize the space above your fireplace with family pictures and a whole lot of other knickknacks? That’s right. Fireplace mantels provide an excellent way to fill up and make good use of the space above your fireplace. It adds a touch of magnificence and grandeur to your home decor in general and heating...

Our steel mantel shelves are incredibly durable and built to last! Made from heavy-duty steel by the hands of the American craftsmen, these mantel shelves come in all different sizes and styles. A great addition to any outdoor or electric fireplace, steel mantel shelves can top any of these heating appliances with style!

Have you been wondering what the purpose of a fireplace hearth is?  Why do some fireplaces have hearths and others don't?  Fireplace Doors Online answers your questions, and a few more in part one of our Fireplace Hearth series!  

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