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Mantel of the Month - January 2020

 Jan 14, 2020    The Great Indoors, Mantel of the Month

Mantel of the Month: January 2020

This winter-themed fireplace mantel is great if you’re looking for inspiration for the chilly months of the year!

How is 2020 shaping up for you so far? We know the year just started, but we hope it’s already the best year yet! To welcome in the new year, we’ve restarted our ‘Mantel of the Month’ series and are beginning with this beautiful winter mantel!

Photographed by Genevieve Leiper, this decorated fireplace mantel is perfect if you want something wintery but that doesn’t lend towards a specific holiday. So, after you’ve put up the Christmas tree bulbs or menorah, why not decorate it to celebrate the season of hot chocolate and sledding?!

How to Get the Look

Recreating this mantel in your own living room is as simple as a shopping trip and an hour in your craft room. Most, if not all of this list can be found at your local dollar store, so you don’t have to spend a bundle on this DIY mantel project. Plus, you probably have some of these items around the house already, which cuts down on cost even more! You’ll need:

If you would rather avoid soil or sand, get foam and glue it to the bottom of the vase, then spray paint the vase a dark color. This will cut down on mess if it is knocked down. Also, consider a plastic vase over glass if you have kids or pets (especially cats)!

  • Tealight candles
  • Small tealight candle holders
  • Clear candle holders
  • Plastic evergreen foliage
  • Artificial pine cones
  • Assorted Artificial flowers with leaves
  • 5 large glass decorative vases (fewer for smaller mantels)
  • Soil or decorative sand (enough to fill five vases)
  • 4 Silver figurines, (replace one and see how Sir Jazzalot looks!)
  • Evergreen and burlap garland
  • Large mirror (optional)

First, cut all of the artificial floral down so that it can comfortably fit into the five vases without being too short or too tall. If you have a mirror or other large backdrop you want to use, be sure that you put it up now.

Drape your garland choices at the back of the mantel. Don’t be afraid to fold parts of it if it is too long, and play with color! It doesn’t have to be evergreen and burlap.

Fill your vases with the media of your choice. You can use something other than soil or sand. Arrange the flowers, greenery and pine cones in each vase and place them on the mantel where you’d like them. These are the largest items on your mantel, so placing them first allows you to arrange around them.

You can re-purpose old figurines from around your house for this project! Simply refresh them with spray paint to add color and new life to something that was just gathering dust in storage.

Next, place your brighter figurines. This is where your color really pops so, while it doesn’t have to be a sparkling silver cat, it should be something that stands out. If you’d like more greenery, consider getting smaller vases and using glitter or metallic spray paint to cover the outside and then add more plants!

Place your candles in the candle holders and arrange them last. Get however many you want, just be sure that if you plan to light them they aren’t too close to anything flammable.

We recommend using artificial flowers and greenery simply because it doesn’t die off, it doesn’t need a lot of space in order to flourish, and if you have pets, it doesn’t present a danger to them as far as toxicity goes.

What does your mantel look like right now? Do you have it decorated with knickknacks or are you still debating how you’d like to decorate it? If you do this or decide on something totally different, take a picture and send it to us! We’d love to feature it as one of our Mantel of the Month posts!

Last updated on February 11th 2020.


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