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Mantel of the Month: March 2020

 Mar 9, 2020    The Great Indoors, For The Holidays, Our Favorites, Mantel of the Month

Mantel of the Month: March 2020

One of our customers, Erin, sent us some pictures of her indoor fireplace for this month’s Mantel of the Month! Can you spot Sir Jazzalot on Erin’s mantel?

March marks the start of spring, but also a holiday that literally turns rivers green! St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated across the United States with parades, festivals and even adding wildlife safe dye to the rivers (like how Chicago annually dyes the Chicago River green for a whole city block to celebrate).

Erin wanted to accomplish this look without spending a lot of money—the rest of the budget goes for the party! So, she managed to do it for $20 at the dollar store!

Here’s what she used:

  • 1 (one) pack of cauldrons
  • 1 (one) pack of 2 St. Patrick’s Day necklaces
  • 1 (one) pack of party St. Patrick’s Day hats
  • 3 (three) garlands
  • 2 (two) decorative hats
  • 1 (one) pack of gold coins
  • 2 (two) packs of foam scatters
  • 2 (two) wall plaques
  • 3 (three) green bunches of fabric flowers
  • 1 (one) pack of vase filler
  • 1 (one) vase
  • 1 (one) St. Patrick’s Day scarf
St. Patrick's Day pot of gold fireplace mantel decor

Now for the how:

First, place the garland. Erin wanted hers to look extra thick and really pop, so she layered two garlands along the back of her mantel. Then, she arranged the flowers and vase filler into her vase and then tied the scarf around it into a bow.

After placing the vase, she placed her two St. Patrick’s Day wall décor items, followed by the two larger hats. Next, she cut up the remaining garland into a few sections and used it and gold coins to fill a few of the little cauldrons (you may need something to stuff in the bottom of the cauldrons so that the coins are more prominent).

Erin placed her cauldrons, cut her necklaces and then hung them along nails she keeps up year around for holiday stockings. Lastly, she placed the foam scatters—shamrocks and gold coins!

Did Erin inspire you with her St. Patrick’s Day mantel? Share pictures of yours here!

Like Erin’s fireplace door? She didn’t get this one from us, but you can check out the Foundation Fireplace Glass Door to get the same look!

Last updated on June 26th 2020.


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