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Malm Fireplaces

Malm fireplaces have been around since the early 1960's. The company originally started as a sheet metal manufacturer in the 1950's and eventually started creating the now iconic fireplaces. Malm is one of the original manufacturers of freestanding fireplaces and one of the only ones left still operating. 

Freestanding fireplaces have a few clear advantages over your traditional wood burning stoves or inserts. They heat up quicker and do a better job of radiating that heat throughout your living space. Malm's unique design also gives you an awesome view of the fire from many different angles, you just couldn't achieve this with your average fireplace.

These vintage malm fireplaces are designed by architects and are available in a wide variety of porcelain colors as well as solid metal finishes. Malm fireplaces can also create custom sizes for any of their standard units, if you would like a custom designed unit please give us a call!


Malm Gas Fireplaces

Malm Gas FireplaceMost of Malm's fireplaces are available in both gas and wood versions. If you select a gas version it will come with a ceramic log set with vermiculite and embers. Powder coat finishes are available exclusively on the gas units, while porcelain finishes are for wood burning units. Malm's porcelain finishes are baked on at 1500 degrees and have a glassy like appearance when finished. There is a massive color selection to choose from, and all of the colors offered are incredibly vibrant. The gloss on powder coat finishes is slightly less than that of porcelain, but it is not a matte finish unless specified.

Each Malm unit comes with sections of interior pipe. The interior pipe can be ordered the same color as the unit itself, or it is also available in matte black. It is important to make sure how much interior pipe you will need before placing your order, if you need more pipe just let us know and we can special order it for you in whatever finish you need.


Malm Carousel Fireplaces

Malm Carousel FireplaceMalm's carousel fireplaces have a very unique design that would surely be the center of attention in your living space. The base of the carousel can either be the same color as the unit itself, or you can choose for it to be matte black instead. An added benefit on these models is that you also get to choose the color of the trim that goes around the top of the unit.

The carousel provides a fantastic 360 degree viewing angle and all of the same heating qualities as the other units. It is worth noting that the wood burning Malm units require more clearance than gas units.