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Making a Modern Fireplace

Fireplace Doors Online shows you how to transform your dated fireplace into a contemporary gathering place!

 Oct 24, 2016  Design Ideas

Contemporary Glass Fireplace Screen Making a Modern Fireplace

While fireplaces are one of the oldest methods for heating a room, they still look sleek and modern in your home. In fact, fireplaces can act as the focal point for décor and set the scene for the rest of the space. However, there are a few key elements to achieving that modern look. Not just any set of fireplace doors or mantel will do. Here are a few ways you can make a modern fireplace for your home. 

Choose modern fireplace doors.

Fireplace doors or screens cover the opening of the fireplace, so basically, it’s what everyone looking at when enjoying the fire. For a modern look, don’t choose something that obstructs the view of the flames or looks big and bulky around the face. A clear glass screen, like this one from Fireplace Doors Online offers an unobstructed view of the fire without sacrificing safety. Plus, the screen is sleek with clean lines and straight edges, making it very modern.

Kohrs Modern fireplace doorA thin, metal-framed fireplace door is a good alternative to an all glass fireplace screen. This Kohrs door sits flush with the firebox, making it slim with a large line of sight into the fire. Plus, it comes in various powder coat finishes so you can select a shade that suits the rest of your modern décor.

Match a modern mantel.

Carry over the glass and metal finishes into your mantel. A glass fireplace mantel is very clean and crisp and looks great over just about any fireplace door or screen. Use it to store your keepsakes or as a way to display other modern pieces. This glass mantel is hand crafted with steel corbels and also functions as a heat shield, protecting your walls and belongings from the fire.

Or, checkout this affordable steel fireplace shelf. This mantel is laser cut, so the lines are clean and seamless. The minimal look is the perfect modern touch for any fireplace, plus it comes in many different finishes so you can match your décor.

Glass Fireplace Mantel ShelfAdd the accessories.

From fireplace tool sets to knick-knacks on the mantel, once you’ve built your perfect modern fireplace, it’s time to add the accessories. Choose something that fits your personal style, but had a modern flair. Adding these kinds of touches throughout the space guarantees you’ll pull off making a modern fireplace.

Take advantage of our free online fireplace door designer to try on all kind of fireplace doors before deciding on the one you want to add to your home. Get started on our website today.

Last updated on October 24th 2016.


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