Simple, annual fireplace maintenance is key to extending the life of your fireplace and keep it running at optimal performance. Prevent discoloration and clear up any creosote buildup on glass, mortar, wood stoves, and fireplace inserts. The build up of soot and grime can cause chimney fires so keep your family safe with our fireplace cleaning products and a little elbow grease. Fill up flaws that have formed between the bricks on your fireplace or even cast new fire bricks with our durable, quick curing fireplace mortars and cements. We also have NSF (National Science Foundation) approved adhesives for gasket and glass installations. High temperature stove and fireplace paint by Stove Bright is available in both aerosol and brush on applications to cover the scratches and rust patches your fireplace has gathered over the years. 

Our gaskets and replacement glass can be found at our sister site,

Call our customer service professionals at 1-877-373-6677 for questions about any of your fireplace maintenance needs. You can also email us at [email protected]