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Maintaining Your Gas Fireplace Glass Doors

 Nov 1, 2016    Safety & Maintenance, Keeping It Clean

Proper Care Of Your Gas Fireplace Doors

There are a few things on your yearly to-do list, doctors’ appointments, spring cleaning, or flipping your mattress. If you have a gas fireplace, cleaning the glass should also be on your yearly list. Proper maintenance is vital to the longevity of your fireplace.

Importance Of Routine Cleanings

You’re probably asking why this is so important, or wondering what the harm could be if you skipped a few cleanings? Having good visuals of the fire is of the utmost importance. Doors should be kept open when the fireplace is in use, but clean glass lets you enjoy your fireplace media even when your fire isn't lit. Other benefits of yearly cleaning include the continued safety of your home. When inspecting your doors, take a second to check for black soot in the corners of the door. If you find any, it is a good indication you need to have your fireplace serviced by a professional. You may also find small cracks in your glass. Indicative of weakened glass, the door should be replaced (Masonry Fireplace Doors  |  Prefab Fireplace Doors) immediately! Gas fireplaces, whether they are brand new, or have been around for years, need this maintenance. A white build up is normal and shouldn’t require cleaning more than once or twice a year.

white buildup on gas fireplace doorsClean glass on your fireplace doors

When You'll Find The Most Build Up

  • When using your brand new gas fireplace, the first 8-10 hours of burning may leave white residue on the glass. The build during this is from the fire curing any manufacturing residues.
  • When your gas fireplace has a few years behind it, a white film may still build-up, even once all manufacturing residues are gone. Deposits left through the venting and condensation process are minerals that have tried to bind with the glass.

Clear Flame Glass Door Cleaner

What Is This White Gunk? How Do I Clean It?

Sulfur and calcium are two minerals found in the fuel used to run these fireplaces. There are also plenty of minerals found in the air around you. When the air is sucked in through the vents to feed the fire, the minerals mixed in combust. Cleaning is a simple task, especially if you don’t burn every day. Luckily, there are plenty of cleaners available to make removing this film easy. Scrubbing the glass with a microfiber towel will pick up any stubborn residue without damaging the glass.

A Few Reminders

  • Never use an ammonia-based cleaner on the inside or outside of your fireplace.
  • Abrasive cleaners such as Comet or Easy Off will damage your glass and have no place in fireplace maintenance
  • Always let glass thoroughly cool before attempting to clean.
  • Remove any remaining cleaning residue before relighting your fireplace.
Last updated on April 28th 2021.


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