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Lynx Cast Brass Burner

Starting at:
MSRP: $380.10
Short description:
  • Material: Cast Brass
  • OEM #: L11020
  • Works With: Lynx Grill Models
  • Size: 17″ x 6.125″
  • Warranty: N/A


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This Lynx Cast Brass Burner with Adjustable Stainless Steel Air Shutter is manufactured by MHP Grill Parts. The OEM# is L11020. This burner features 2 standing legs, 4 radiant tray support tabs and an air mixture adjustment shutter. The Lynx cast brass burner holds and radiates high temperatures and are less prone to corrosion. More than one burner may be required depending on the grill model. It is recommended removal of the original part for replacement part verification. It is compatible with the following Lynx grill models:

In order to make sure that you receive the correct part, please check your owner's manual to double-check that this part will work with your grill.

Lynx Models
CS30, L27-1, L27-2, L27F-1, L27F-2 ,L27FR-1, L27FR-2, L27SFR-2, L27PSR-2, L27R-1, L27R-2, L30-2002, L30-2003, L30-2004, L30-2005, L30-2006, L30-2007, L30-2008, L30FR-1, L30PSFR-1, L30PSR-1, L30R-1, L36FR-1, L36PSFR-1, L36PSR-1, L36R-1, L42-2002, L42-2003, L42-2004, L42-2005, L42-2006, L42-2007, L42-2008, L42FR-1, L42FR-1-2006, L42FR-1-2007, L42FR-1-2008, L42PSFR-1, L42PSR-1, L42R-1 , L54-2002, L54-2003, L54-2004, L54-2005, L54-2006, L54-2007, L54-2008, L5460-2002, L5430-2003, L5430-2004, L5430-FR2B-2005, L5430R2B-2005, L54PSFR-1, L54PSR-1, LBQ27F, LBQ27FR, LBQ27R, LBQ36F, LBQ36FR, LBQ36RE, LBQ36R, LBQ48F, LBQ48FR, LBQ48FR2B, LBQ48FRE, LBQ48R, LBQ48R2B, LBQ48RE, LCB1, LCB2, LDR18, LDR21, LDR27, LDR30, LDR36, LDR42, LDR54, LIJ27, LIJ30, LIJ36, LIJ42, LIJ54, LPSGE ,LPSGEBKT, LPSGEKIT, LPQ36E, LPSGE, LSB1, LSB2, LSB2PC, LPSGE

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Last updated on August 16th 2021.


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