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On our new sister site, CJs Log Mantels, the custom, handmade log mantels are all made from American grown hardwoods. The six wood species we use were chosen for their popularity, beautiful coloration, and striking wood grain patterns: Basswood, Butternut, Cherry, Eastern Red Cedar, Elm, and Walnut. They also hold up to the drying process very well, showing less twisting, cracking, and shrinking compared sappy softwoods like pine.

We developed 5 different "face" styles for our rustic log mantels to suit our customers' many different tastes: carved, bark, square, draw knife, and natural. "Face" refers to the side of the mantel that will 'face" out into your living space. 

Butternut Log Mantel with Carved Facing

Carved Face:

As the name suggests, the style of log mantel has been carved to shape it with adding depth and texture to the smooth wood surface. Hand tools highlight the log's unique characteristics, such as wormwood and knots while cracks that may have developed in the drying process become softened. (Image features Butternut species)

Eastern Red Cedar log mantel with natural face

Natural Face:

When the bark doesn't make it through the sawing and kiln drying process, the natural wood face of the log is exposed. This style shows off the true shape of the log with its knots, cutoff branches, wormholes, bark pockets, or other markings. (Image features Eastern Red Cedar species)

Walnut Log Mantel with Square Face

Square Face:

Probably the most universal style is our square face log mantels. Flat on all sides, every surface shows off the wonderful gain patterns of each mantel. (Image features Walnut species)

Basswood Log Mantel with a hand planed facing

Draw Knife Face:

With these mantels, a traditional woodworking tool known as a draw knife is used to smooth out and help remove machine scarring from the manufacturing process. The craftsmen follow the natural shape of the wood beneath the bark for the face of the mantel while all of the other sides are planned flat and cut square. (Image features Basswood variety)

Basswood log mantel with bark face

Bark Face:

These mantels are truly special beauties because it's very rare that the bark on our log mantels able to make it through the whole manufacturing process. So you will find that precious, hardy few in our inventory still have their bark face. And they go quickly because of their popular, natural, rustic appearance. We can't guarantee the bark that the bark will continue to adhere without the occasional tack and glue patch job, but customers who have had these mantels installed in their homes up to 15 years have reported minimal problems. (Image features Basswood variety)

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