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Log Lighter

Everyone is always looking for an easier way to light their fireplace. What is an easier way than with a log lighter! Log lighters are a small pipe with holes made for either natural gas or liquid propane. The log lighter is directly installed to the gas line and is made for easy lighting. The log lighter pipe is turned on via the gas line and then will light your logs. It's literally as simple as pressing a button!

With the natural or liquid propane options to choose from the piping is made to withstand the heat as well as last you a long time! Our log lighters are made with lasting materials at a top-quality to ensure you will not have to replace it any time soon. If your log lighter is rusty and needs to be replaced we are here to help!

Log lighters are a perfect addition to any fireplace and our log lighters have the ability to be used indoors or outdoors. Most of our log lighters are made with stainless steel or other element withstanding material to prevent rust or having to replace your log lighter. Keep in mind that you should properly clean and care for your log lighter to extend its use.


What is a log lighter?

  • A log lighter is a pipe-like metal tube with holes to release gas into your fire feature. The purpose is to make lighting your fire easy and safe.

How does a log lighter work?

  • The log lighter is to be placed under your logs or grate, you turn on the gas, light with a match or whichever your lighting preference is, and then like magic you have a fire. The log lighter is super easy to use as well as perfect for quick starts. Nobody wants to take forever making a fire when you have a get-together!

How do you light a gas log lighter?

  • Lighting your log lighter is very easy and convenient! Once you have installed your log lighter, you will place it beneath your logs or grate. Once placed, you simply turn the key to start the gas flow then light with a match.