Log Lighter

We have all the fireplace gas parts you need like reliable gas log lighters to ignite your fire even when the power is out. If you are in need of a replacement gas valve key, our products fit both round (ball) and square (globe) valves. And for the valves, we have American made escutcheons (valve covers) to safeguard the shut off valve while still being functional and allowing the use of a universal gas valve key. Or if you need the whole set, we have gas valve kits available that includes the turn valve pipe, valve key, and escutcheon.

Gas valves should never be installed within the firebox of your heat source! All valves must be situated outside the fire structure, and within 6 feet of the fireplace opening. We highly recommend having a certified gas professional complete this installation process for you.



How to Light A Gas Fireplace With A Gas Valve Key

  1. Search for a small, metal keyhole that should be located around the base of the fireplace or on a nearby wall.

  2. Take your gas valve key and insert the end into the key hole until it stops. Wiggle the key around until you feel it fit into place.

  3. Turn the key counterclockwise about half a turn. This releases the gas into the fireplace.

  4. Take a long butane lighter, insert the end near the center of your gas logs where the gas tube should be, and ignite the gas.

  5. Turn the gas valve key back and forth in the key hole to achieve the desired flame height. Again, counterclockwise increases the flames and clockwise decreases the flame. “Righty tighty, lefty loosey.