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Linear Electric Fireplaces

Just imagine how your modern home would look with a fireplace. No, we’re not talking about a traditional wood burning fireplace that you might find in some historic brownstone, we mean an electric fireplace! And, these linear fireplaces are perfect for your modern home décor. You’ll love the convenience of a fireplace you don’t have to clean up after or worry about buying gas for. No, with these no-hassle fireplaces you just hang them, plug them in and enjoy!

Most linear fireplaces featured here are designed to fit in with your other modern fireplace décor so you can expect it to be a departure from a more traditional look. In the case of our stunning Amantii collection, you can customize your modern electric fireplace to have the typical red and orange flames, or you can go a bit fantasy with purples and blues! Your imagination doesn’t have limitations, why should your living space?

One of the best features of the electric fireplaces we carry is that you can even use them outdoors! We know that your outdoor living space is as important to you as the inside of your home. You want it to look great so that when you’re enjoying yourself outside, or throwing an epic party, it’ll be a perfect little outdoor paradise. These electric fireplaces are no hassle so with a click of a button you can turn them on and begin enjoying the beautiful flames and yes, you can even heat a small area too!

With us it isn’t just high quality, American made electric fireplaces that you get. You also get the best in customer service too. We’re based right here in Pennsylvania with someone around 24 hours a day to answer your questions either on the phone or with our handy chat feature. We know that you want the best fireplace products at the best prices. And with us, you’ll be buying from an American small business dedicated to giving you the best!


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