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Outdoor Rattan Patio SectionalGet comfortable and settle into your personal oasis right in your own backyard. We offer beautiful patio furniture for relaxing on a cool day or having the whole crew over. Our outdoor furniture is made to last and designed for maximum comfort. We also offer one of the largest selections of patio furniture online, as well as a huge selection of backyard hammocks. 

You can create more privacy and lessen the sun’s rays with one of our backyard outdoor canopy tents. These are the perfect sun shelter for a home backyard with sizes to fit your needs. Our canopy tents offer easy open pull back sides letting you choose between four openings for fully open. Or closed for full backyard privacy. 

You can also choose open air canopy tents which will give you easy in and out access in your canopy tent while offering 100% sun blockage coverage.

We offer large canopy tents for those who want a big canopy tent. These canopy tents are fully waterproof and offer canopies with two windows, or a four sided - four window canopy tent.

We also have a huge selection of indoor - outdoor children’s tents, children’s teepees  and tent playhouses. These children’s tents are easy to set-up and easy to store. These tents and playhouses are offered in many designs and colors. Each one designed to spark your child's imagination and offer a safe play space. 

We are here to help if you aren’t sure which canopy tent is perfect for your space. You can give us a call or reach out by email. We can help you choose the perfect outdoor canopy tent to complete your home’s backyard and create a perfect at home getaway space.