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Why Are Fireplace Doors Expensive?

Why Are Fireplace Doors Expensive?

This is a very good question. Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we encourage our patrons to look at their acquisition of fireplace doors as an investment rather than an expenditure. This is going to be an addition to your home that can add value as well as esthetic appeal. Our high-quality replacement fireplace doors are built to last for years, if not generations! Let us explain the reason behind the figures.

We have so many options for you to choose from – masonry, zero-clearance, and even corner fireplace doors! The design concepts on our models are suitable for a number of décor styles. We offer decorative and modern fireplace doors that are produced at a moment's notice by American fabricators. These men and women dedicate their professional skills to handcrafting a personalized product for every customer. Each door receives the utmost attention and detail from the moment a request is received until the second it is finalized and prepared for shipping. This individual focus on your custom fireplace door alone is incalculable.

The material that is used for the appearance and/or durability can also effect the figures that you see. Steel is a widely used product that is as affordable as it is handsome. Many of these doors have powder coated finishes in a large selection of colors.  Anodized aluminum is considered a mid-grade material. It is strong and resistant to extreme temperatures. Other products, such as welded bar stock, stainless steel, or brass tend to be high-end requisitions.

Depending on the size of the door you need, the overall design, and the material, add-ons and details you're seeking, these factors all contribute significantly to the final amount of your fireplace door. Remember that this is a long-term investment that you are pursuing, and the contentment of knowing you have a high-quality, custom-made product is worth its weight in gold!

Last updated on July 1st 2019.

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