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How To Use A Level

How to use a level to ensure you fireplace door is aligned correctly.

You need a level tool.


  • Perpendicular – When 2 lines meet – creating a 90 degree angle. For example the top of the letter "T" is perpendicular to the rest of the letter.
  • Parallel – When 2 lines travel forever in the same direction never intersecting. For instance the two lines in an equal sign "=" are parallel to each other.
  • Level – Having a perfectly horizontal or vertical surface. Meaning you have an even or flat surface.

Level Tool: Spirit level or bubble level – The most common type of level

Without leveling your project you will have crooked fireplace doors.

Using a Level:
Look at the level.

  • You'll notice tubes filled with liquid and a floating bubble.
  • Each tube has 2 lines near the center.
  • The surface is level when the bubble floats between the two lines in the tube.
  • The horizontal tube(s) is parallel to the body of the level tool.
  • The vertical tube(s) is perpendicular to the body of the level tool.

Horizontal Leveling

  • Set the level on the surface horizontally. The horizontal tube is parallel to the surface.
  • Look at the horizontal tube.
  • The bubble indicates which direction your surface is slanting.
  • When the bubble lines up between the two line your surface is flat or leveled.

Vertical Leveling

  • Hold the level against the vertical surface
  • The vertical tube is perpendicular to the surface.
  • Look at the vertical tubes.
  • When the bubble is lined up between the two lines your surface is vertically level
Last updated on July 1st 2019.