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Are There Fireplace Doors That Come With A Mesh Screen?

Are There Fireplace Doors That Come With A Mesh Screen?

Wood burning fireplaces are meant to be enjoyed with their glass doors open. A fireplace mesh curtain helps to contain sparks and embers within the firebox, protecting your loved ones from injury and your belongings from damage.

Traditionally, a freestanding fireplace screen was placed in front of a wood burning fireplace as a safeguard. While both decorative and portable, they do tend to take up space. Additionally, many of these folding screens do not have a cover; therefore, they do not offer full protection from flying particles.

Masonry and zero-clearance glass fireplace doors have the option of mesh built into them. There are, however, many different styles available. Fireplace Doors Online is going to explain these all to you:

Curtains/Hanging Mesh
  • This style has a similar function to the window curtains in your home. There are two mesh panels built in to each side of the door frame. They usually have a small decorative handle affixed to the top inner corner for you to grab and slide the curtains open or closed. The mesh coils intertwine for smooth operation. Most commonly, the panels overlap in the middle to prevent dangerous sparks from escaping the fireplace.
Single-bar Curtains/Hanging Mesh
  • Many masonry doors display this particular style. On the inside of the frame is a single bar that is mounted horizontally across the top of the firebox. The curtains are affixed to the bar with clips, which also prevent the sides of the mesh from hitting each other when closed, creating a virtual overlap. 
Cabinet Mesh
  • This style is commonly found with single pane or bi-fold doors. The cabinet style is just like screen doors. They are attached to the fireplace door frame and have a small handle or pull ring to open them outward. They close securely with latches.
Single Mesh
  • This style is also available with single pane or bi-fold doors. It is a single mesh door that opens from the same side as your fireplace door (handle or pull ring). It closes securely with a latch.

Check out our collection of Masonry and Zero-Clearance models and let us customize a fireplace door and screen for you today!


Last updated on July 1st 2019.

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