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Why Are Fireplace Doors Better Than Mesh Screens?

Why Are Fireplace Doors Better Than Mesh Screens?

Fireplace screen vs glass doors. Both of these fireplace accessories are important when it comes to safely enjoying your application. However, they are meant to serve two different purposes.

  • Mesh curtain fireplace screens are barriers that stand guard between your fireplace and your living space. Supported by a metal frame, the mesh curtain or panel is usually fabricated from woven wire.
  • They can enhance your hearthside experience with a decorative appeal, while protecting you and your loved ones from the flames and embers when an active, heat generating fire is on display.
  • Fireplace doors are much sturdier than mesh screens, and are made from thick pyroceramic glass. Rolling logs and flying sparks are more effectively contained within your firebox by these ceramic doors. 
  • Glass doors not only provide a more solid barrier against smoke and embers, but they go the extra mile when it comes to efficiency. When closed, these doors block warm air from escaping through the chimney, which makes your fireplace a more efficient heat source during the winter months.
  • Of course, in the summer, they prevent cool air from escaping, which helps with the cost of cooling your home.


Last updated on July 8th 2019.

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