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Learn About Gas Powered Fire Mediums

 May 16, 2021    General

What are Fire Feature Mediums?

A mix image of fire feature media including fire rated glass and fire balls.


Fire Feature Mediums are the lava rock, ceramic-bonded faux stones, fire rated frosted glass, fire rated reflective glass pieces, and fire balls used to fill under and over the burner ports of gas powered fire pits and fire bowls. These mediums can be added to gas powered fireplaces, gas powered fire pits, and gas powered fire bowls. They can not be added to any wood burning unit.

As a general rule lava rock is used to fill most of the fire pit or fire bowl with the more decorative fire pit medium options added at the top. This saves some of the cost of filling your fire bowl or fire pit fully with a design medium but is also required for most mediums. Lava rock is also used as the base of the media additions in fireplaces.

Mix of fire mediums for outdoor fire features.

Lava rock is tough but also porous with many tiny holes that allow for air circulation throughout the bottom and center of your fire pit. Lava rock can also withstand the intense heat generated by the gas fire ports.

Fire pit burner ring with fire.

Fire rated glass and fire balls do not have holes for air circulation, they are rated for the heat generated at the top of fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire pits.

Like fire rated glass and fire balls, large ceramic-bonded faux natural rocks make a nice design addition to your fireplace or fire pit. These types of gas powered fire media are heavier than lava rocks. It is recommended that you use a lava rock fill with faux natural rock too. Placing the more decorative ceramic fire rated rock at the top of your fire bowl or fire pit around the fire pit burner unit.

Using lava rock as a base filler for your fire pit or fire bowl is always recommended if you use propane as your fuel source. Propane is heavier than natural gas and can settle within a fire medium causing a build up of the propane gas. This can cause damage to your fire feature or injury to people. Using lava rock as a fire bowl or fire pit filler creates a safe environment for the propane gas to move and dissipate.

What Is Lava Rock:

Sourced from ancient earth volcanoes, lava rock is a perfect medium for gas fire features. The lava rock stones are durable but easily broken into decorative size. The lava rock is also very porous due to the high heat that created it.

Lava rock and volcano reference image.

While the tiny visible holes seen on the surface of the lava rock help to allow gas to move through and around a fire feature. It is the light structure of the rock itself that makes it the perfect choice for the deep fill portions of your fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl.

Lava Rock reference image and image link picture.

What Are Fire Rated Glass Mediums?

Gas fireplace and fire bowl fire glass reference image and image link.

All of our Fire Glass choices are fire rated to withstand the high heat generated by gas powered fireplaces, fire pits, and gas powered fire bowls. Each type of glass is tempered to create a strong glass blend. While these glass choices look similar to glass that is designed for construction or crafting they are not the same type of glass. You must use fire rated glass in your gas powered fire features.

Reference image showing reflective fire glass and color by design fire glass.

What Is Reflective Fire Glass?

Our reflective glass selections include a fire rated coating that mirrors the glow of the glass feature and the radiant heat of the fire feature. The reflective fire pit glass creates a dynamic effect of reflection which adds to the beauty of the fire feature.

A reference image of fire rated reflective glass.

What Is Frosted Fire Glass?

Frosted fire pit glass shown in a smooth round red, white, and blue.

Our frosted glass selection is also fire rated to tolerate the high heat of fireplaces, fire pits, and fire bowls. Created to replicate round seashore pebbles these frosted glass pieces create a full warm look in a fireplace, fire pits, or fire bowls. Because of their size and round pebble shape, frosted glass pieces are a better choice if you plan to change the medium color of your fireplace, fire pit or fire bowl often.

Both types of glass do get very hot while you operate your fireplace, fire bowl, or fire pit. You should always allow them to cool completely before touching the fire glass or working inside your fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl.

A mix of fire bowls as a reference image and image link.


What Are Fireballs?

Fire balls are created from either a ceramic-bonded refractory material or 304 Stainless Steel.

A mix of fireballs as a reference image and image product link.

Fire balls shown over fire with media under both reference image and image link.


Both the ceramic fire balls and the stainless fire balls are heat break resistant and weather tolerant for outdoor use. They too will become very hot as you use your fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl. You should always allow both your fire bowl and inside fire mediums to cool before touching or working within the interior.

What are Gas Logs?

Gas logs are created from either a refractory concrete material, glass fiber reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete construction, ceramic fibers, or a mix of these. Each gas log set is designed to replicate a natural firewood set. They are very durable and created to sit in high direct heat environments.

Three sets of gas fireplace and fire pits logs.

Popular styles of gas logs that can be added to fireplaces, fire pits, or fire bowls are the birch gas log set, the driftwood log set, and the Arizona Weathered gas log set. The Arizona Weathered log set is designed with the heartwood of each log visible on the ends.

Ceramic Fire Stones for fire bowls, fire pits, and fire pits reference image and image link.


Designed to look like real rocks, these two types of fire feature mediums are created from a ceramic blend to withstand the heat of fire features. Ceramic bonded refractory materials and different tones of ceramic dye bring these river rocks and beach pebbles to life as the real thing.

They are specially made to not only handle high temperatures but to be lighter as they sit atop the burner ports of your fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl.

Can I add real river rocks to my gas fire pit or gas fireplace?

No. All natural rock has trapped moisture within the rock structure. Adding the rock to a high heat source will dry this moisture. Once the moisture within the rock has completely dried the rock will either crack apart or explode.

Natural river rocks are also heavier than fire mediums created to sit on or near the burner ports. It is vital to the safe operation of your gas fireplace, fire pit, or fire bowl that you protect your gas powered burner and burner ports.

Can I add crystal rocks to my gas fireplace, fire bowl, or gas fire pit?

No. Crystals and crystal rock blocks have some of the highest levels of trapped moisture of any natural rock. As with river rocks, they will crack or explode. But crystal rocks will crack or explode into large and small pieces of very sharp glass like shards.

What Are Fire Ornaments?

Milled Steel Nest Fire Pit Burner reference image and image link.

Created from milled steel, stainless steel, or polished steel these fire feature additions are all about art and design. Each piece is created to allow for good airflow around fire feature gas ports and to reduce any weight on the burner unit if fireplaces, fire bowls, and fire pits.

Lotus Flower shaped fire burner for fire pits and fire bowls reference image and image link.

With the safety needs of the burner units in mind, fire ornaments are available in large bold styles of log sets, in a zen inspired lotus leaf flower that sends the flame to the center of the fire pit ornament flower, and a cattails perennial plant design that is also the burner unit.

Catail fire burner reference image and image link.


As with all fire medium additions you can change your ornaments to fit a season or occasion as often as you like. Also, as with all other fire feature media they will get hot when your unit is in use.

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Last updated on June 10th 2021.


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