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Learn About Firepits

 May 11, 2021    General

What Are Fire Pits


Fire pits are constructed from steel, stainless steel, natural metals with composite surrounding material, copper, or concrete. Fire Pits are designed to create an easy contained outdoor fire.

We break our categories into fire pits and fire bowls. Generally, fire pits create a larger, more open fire and are used often as an outdoor gathering point.

Fire bowls and fire pits mix reference image and image link.

They are a great addition for anyone who loves to create a campfire or bonfire. Fire Pits allow you to recreate these highlights of camping right at home whenever you like. Fire pits are also one of the lowest maintenance outdoor additions you can add to your outdoor home experience.

Third Rock Fire Pit Art Fire Pit image link.

Many of our fire pits include a built in bottom drain, which both lets rain flow out and makes cleaning your fire pit a breeze.

How does a fire pit work?

You can choose a wood burning fire pit or a gas fire pit. With a wood burning fire pit you will source your firewood, create a center stack of your firewood, and use a fire starter to get the fire going. Then enjoy your fire pit fire.

We recommend using either a log build or a tepee build when creating a firewood fire. And as with all firewood fires you want to keep an open area around the sides of your fire pit.

Two types of wood fire build styles.

If you choose a gas fire pit you will have either a propane tank or a natural gas line directly to your fire pit. You can also choose a built-in fire starting system with many models. The push button start and the remote start are two of our most popular upgrade additions to gas powered fire pits.

Three ways of starting a gas powered fire pit or fire bowl.

Gas Fire Pits vs Wood Burning Fire Pits:

Both fire pits create a nice contained fire you can add to your home or outdoor office space. Gas fire pits don’t require sourcing firewood. But many people love the outdoor wood burning fire pit experience.

Another difference is outdoor cooking. Many gas fire pits and fire bowls are not rated or designed for cooking. But you can cook on many wood burning fire pits.

Fire pit image link.


Some are better for skewer cooking like hotdogs and marshmallows due to the fire pits design and large fire area.

Large wood burning fire pits reference image and image link.

There are many large styles of gas fire pits designed to be the center of your outdoor space. Because they are gas they burn without extra smoke or firewood aroma. Creating a somewhat cleaner burn environment in your outdoor experience.

Selection of gas powered fire pits reference image and image link.

Burner ports on fire rings create the fire effect with a gas powered fire pit.

A fire pit with a burner ring showing the fire from the burner ports.

Another major difference between wood burning fire pits and gas powered fire pits is in the design colors over time. Wood burning fire pits will darken and deepen in color with each burn. This effect is called Steel Patina and is the result of many years of scientific work to create a weather steel product that becomes stronger in its environment.

Most gas powered fire pits will always look the same with no color changes in the actual product. It is advised you buy and use a protective cover to keep the vivid colors of your fire pit from day after day of sun shine. Copper fire pits and some steel fire pits will patina over time but you can use a sealant if you want to keep the bright colors.

Copper fire bowl reference image and image link.

Gas powered fire pits allow you more flexibility in design with changeable fire mediums for the inside of the fire bowl or fire pit. These work both as an aesthetic and to surround your burner ports. Fire pit mediums include Fire Glass, Lava Rock, Fire Pit Log Sets, Fire Stones, and Fire Balls.

A mix of blue fire pit glass reference image and image link.

You can switch your gas powered fire pits glass to match a season or a party theme. You can also add gas logs or gas rated rocks for a natural look.

Fire glass for fire pits reference image and link.

The best part of gas powered fire pit glass is that all of these materials can be stored and reused over and over again. Many people change their fire pit glass to match the seasons or for special occasions.

Fire Feature media image link.

A mix image of fire feature media including fire rated glass and fire balls.

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Last updated on June 10th 2021.


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