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Learn About Fatwood Fire Starting Sticks

 May 8, 2021    General

Learn About Fatwood

Reference image of fatwood fire sticks bundles.


We love this earth created - earth friendly old world fire fix so much we added it to our product selection.

Harvested from the ‘heartwood’ of the tree, fatwood is always found in the center or deep parts of pine trees. The natural resin of the pine tree accumulates in the ‘heartwood’ of the pine tree and condenses there. While the rest of the tree grows outward the ‘heartwood’ continues to gather the pine tree’s resin.

Even if the pine tree dies the rich tree resins continue to cure adding to the fire starting ability of the fatwood. Today, most modern commercial fatwood will have come from farms growing resin rich pine trees.

Fatwood also offers an aromatic wood as you start your fire. All levels of aged fatwood create an exceeding easy way to start a fire. If found on a forest floor a very old piece of fatwood may have the look of soft opal.

Fatwood at different stages of aging.

The more iridescent the fatwood the stronger the pine resin smell. Your firestarting purchased fatwood will most likely look like dry kindling with a light pleasant pine resin smell.

For this reason modern farms sell a less aged but equally good firestarter, that will not overtake your fire setting with the ‘heartwood’ pine resin scent.

There are a couple of ways to use fatwood fire starting sticks as you start your fire.

You can add a whole stick to your firewood stack, wedging it deep into the firewood stack but leaving the end within reach to light. Fatwood burns very easily so you may only need one stick.

Or you can create shavings of your fatwood sticks and sprinkle them onto your fire. This method is normally chosen when using very condensed fatwood that is full of its natural resin. With this method you will still need to light a longer stick or use another kindling method to ignite the fatwood shavings.

Shaving Fatwood fire sticks.

Fatwood Fire Stick Caddy.Fatwood fire sticks in a copper tub.

Fatwood fire sticks in a copper tub.Large box of all natural fatwood fire starting sticks. Bag of Fatwood fire starting sticks.

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Last updated on June 10th 2021.


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