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Learn About Adding a Shelf, Mantel, or Hood to your Fireplace


Fireplace Shelves, Fireplace Mantels, and Fireplace Hoods

Choosing a fireplace hood is always a great heat deferring choice. While adding a shelf or mantel to your fireplace can be a completely design based choice. Or it can be a choice based on how well the shelf or mantel will help to reduce the upward directional heat from the front of your fireplace.

We discuss all the design benefits as well as all the features of adding a shelf or mantel can add to your fireplace setting at the link below. Here we will define how you choose a shelf or mantel that maximizes the offset of heat on anything above your fireplace.

We start with the fireplace hood. These ingenious simple fireplace additions are the choice for keeping the heat from going up your front wall. The hood scoop design basically catches the hot air and since it has nowhere else to go it flows out.

We have heard of many people installing ceiling fans to keep the front of their fireplace cooler. We know this does not really work, as seen in the images below. But if you use a hood and a ceiling fan you will circulate the room air better.

We encourage anyone thinking of mounting their Flat Screen TV above their fireplace to consider both a fireplace hood and a shelf or mantel. Together these two combinations will help to protect your investment.

The key that makes a fireplace hood work is the scoop length out from the fireplace front. The longer out the more hot air it catches.

The amount of up directional heat any fireplace has depends on many factors including the outside temperature. So, if you already know your fireplace generates a lot of heat or if you have experienced items melting above your fireplace, we encourage you to get a wider out scoop. These two measurements are available in the same fireplace hood.

With starting prices under 100.00 we think this isn’t just a great way to protect from heat damage but an easy home investment.

A fireplace mantel offers many ways to highlight your fireplace sitting with your own personal style. The shelf of a fireplace mantel also offers some limited protection of the up directional heat from the front of your fireplace. In combination with a Fireplace Hood adding a Fireplace Mantel can greatly reduce the amount of heat and help to protect any items placed above your fireplace.

The other benefit of adding a Fireplace Mantel is it allows for ample combustible clearance between the top of your fireplace, your fire box, and the items above your fireplace. As you can see in the pictures below Fireplace Mantel designs range from simple and clean to ornate and carved. Making this home addition an easy pick for anyone. You can learn more about adding a Fireplace Mantel to your home and the technical specifications at the link below

Fireplace Shelves offer the opportunity to put the Shelf where you want it above your fireplace. Giving you the option of choosing how far away from your Fireplace, firebox, your shelf will be. While this may not help with the view of your television it is a great option to help protect artwork or knick knacks you want to display above your fireplace.

As with our Fireplace Mantels, we encourage you to explore also adding a Fireplace Hood with the largest out scoop that will fit your fireplace front. This will help to decrease the amount of up directional heat and allow you to center your shelf lower on your fireplace wall.

We start our list of fireplace shelves with our non-combustible shelves. These are made from materials that don't burn but can still get hot on the underside or top. But as is the case with the Concrete Shelves, they will get a little less hot than the steel shelving. But as we noted above either these are a great option if you choose to include a heat deferring fireplace Hood.

You might be thinking that a concrete shelf is an odd material choice to mount above a fireplace. Our Concrete Shelves are hollow on the inside making these the same amount of weight as some Steel Shelves and many Natural Log Shelves.

Another great choice in our non-combustible category is the Cultured Stone Mantel. Not only are they non-combustible but the Cultured Stone Mantel is also available in a 12 in depth. Which is perfect for those who want to sit wider items on their shelf.

Also a good choice in our non-combustible category is our Floating Steel Shelves.These shelves are also hollow And allow for the installation of blue tooth speakers, providing you have the proper combustion clearance from the Fireplace firebox.They also are available in sizes ranging from 6 to 12 inches.

While the weight is comparable, generally speaking, among all our shelves dependent on the length, depth, and material used to construct. You do want to be sure for all shelf types that your wall can hold the weight of the shelf you choose before you purchase it. You can learn more with the guide below, to help you understand how mounting to the area above your fireplace works. Walls link.

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Last updated on April 29th 2021.

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