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24" Pie-Cut Plastic Lazy Susan

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28" Pie-Cut Plastic Lazy Susan

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Lazy Susan, also known as a turntable, is a rotating tray shaped piece of wood located on tables for easier distribution and access for foods or spices. It creates accessibility in the upper and lower portion of the cabinets. Even though they are usually used for corner cabinets, they can be utilized for a rotating storage system.

Where did the term Lazy Susan originate?

There is no concrete origin for Lazy Susan. But there is a famous story that they were popularized by Thomas Jefferson, who has a daughter named Susan. His daughter would always complain about being the last to be served for dinner.

Different Types of Lazy Susan

D-Shaped Lazy Susan

The D-shaped design has one rounded side and one flat side. This is to let the pantry door to close over the Lazy Susan. It is commonly used in wall cabinets placed above the refrigerators and pantries.

Full Round Lazy Susan

Full round Lazy Susan is the traditional design of a turntable. It is commonly found in the base or outside portions of the cabinet. A full round turntable can also be used at the dinner table or on the kitchen counter.

Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan

This type comprises a soft, rounded triangle shape to fit in a 90-degree corner type of cabinet.

These turntables make food distribution easier and faster.  Aside from its convenience, it plays a vital role in adding aesthetic value to your kitchen.

Fireplace Doors Online presents to you the innovative creation of a  Lazy Susan. Our affordable products can make your kitchen area more attractive and fantastic! 


Do kitchen turntables make my kitchen more attractive?

  • Definitely, yes! Fireplace Doors Online has various choices for roundtables, turntables, and Lazy Susans. Your kitchen needs a little bit of transformation from time to time.