Lava Rock

Fire pit lava rocks are a great option to help enhance the ignition efficiency of your gas fire pit. A thin layer of fire glass can be added on top of the lava rock granules to add extra dimension to the look of your outdoor fire pit. 

It can be tricky to figure out how much lava rock is safe to use in your fire pit or fire bowl. For help with this matter, start a live chat with one of our friendly customer service reps! 


Are lava rocks made from actual lava?

  • Yes. Lava creates many different types of rock forms as it cools but most 'lava rock' products are basalts. They form when air pockets are trapped inside the lava as it rises to the Earth's surface, cooling and expanding. So it is very much like a stone sponge with its porous quality and light weight. And since the lava rock is literally hardened molten fire, it can easily withstand the heat of your fire feature without breaking a sweat. 
  • Because of its porous properties, we urge caution to avoid using your fire features if the lava rock it wet. The water trapped in the air pockets will expand as the lava rocks heat up, increasing the risk of the rocks cracking and even exploding from the pressure.