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Tamate Lantern
The Tamate Lantern provides 
a stunning illumination while 
adding a touch of Japanese culture 
to yo... 
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Granite Boulder Antiquity Lantern
The Granite Boulder 
Antiquity Lantern features a rustic 
style that blends seamlessly with 
any outdo... 
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Twilight Boulder Lantern
The Outdoor Granite Twilight 
Lantern features a rustic style that 
blends seamlessly with any 
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Granite Boulder Lantern
The Granite Boulder Lantern 
features both carved and natural 
accents. It is drilled for electric 
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Yukimi Lantern
The Yukimi Lantern provides 
a stunning illumination while 
adding a touch of Japanese culture 
to yo... 
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Ran Kei Lantern
The Ran Kei Lantern 
provides a perfect warmth and 
illumination while adding a touch of 
Japanese cu... 
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Gold Tier Lantern
The Gold Tier Lantern 
provides a stunning illumination 
while adding a touch of Japanese 
culture to... 
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Basalt Guide Post
The Basalt Guide Post 
features a very versatile design 
which allows for easy assembly and 
is great... 
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Kotoji Lantern
The Kotoji Lantern provides 
a perfect warmth and 
illumination while adding a touch of 
Japanese cul... 
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Dual Light Basalt Lantern
The Dual Light Basalt 
Lantern features a polished front, 
back, and top with naturally 
weathered edg... 
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Granite Pathway Light
The Granite Pathway Light 
features a versatile yet unique style 
that blends seamlessly with any 
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Gold Oribe Lantern
The Gold Oribe Lantern 
provides a stunning illumination 
while adding a touch of Japanese 
culture t... 
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Kasuga Lantern
The Kasuga Lantern provides 
a perfect illumination while 
adding a touch of Japanese culture 
to you... 
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Landscape Lighting

If you're looking for the perfect finishing touch to complete your outdoor living space, then our wide selection of decorative landscape lights will add a unique sense of style, beauty, and elegance to your outdoor setting! We have lights such as boulder lights, lanterns, and guideposts!

Homeowners love to bring their property to life and make the investment to provide safety, entertainment, and charm to their homes. The pure sequence of lighting can alter your outdoor spaces into the perfect oasis. There are many techniques you can use to work the best layout. Luckily we have an amazing blog for tips to improving your outdoor lighting by the FAQ's!

Our landscape lighting come in many different types to either light up your pathway, patio area, or even your garden. Landscape lighting is perfect for setting the mood for the space you want! They are perfect for enhancing functionality as well as visibility.

The landscape lights are built for durability against all weather conditions. Please keep in mind that you will want to keep some general maintenance up with your lighting.

Cross off your outdoor lighting from your to-do list and shop with us today!


Do landscape lights use a lot of electricity?

  • There are variables that will contribute to the amount of electric usage your landscape lighting will use. Like the type of light bulb, the light bulb wattage, and how often your lights will be in use. We suggest reaching out to your electric provider to help with this type of question.

How does landscape lighting work?

  • You will install your landscape lighting and they are drilled to be electric. Once you have your electric aspect all installed, then you will light them up. If you are having issues with installing your electric parts, please reach out to a professional.

What wattage should landscape lights be?

  • The ideal wattage for a landscape light is 80 watts or below. If you're looking to light up pathways, it's suggested to use a 40 watts or lower bulb. There will also be instructions on the suggest wattage within your directions packet.