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Welcome Landscape Architects to Fireplace Doors Online!

Commercial landscape architecture design helps your clients emphasize their structure, build consumer interest, and generate sales. Pedestrian oriented environments filled with eye catching features and focal points help direct customers into an establishment or around a campus. Creating a design that promotes a business and creates memorable experiences for their patrons is the goal of your project, and we can help!

Fireplace Doors Online offers a unique line of outdoor products that are designed for aesthetics and functionality alike. Regardless of the many types of landscape architecture you are developing, we can help you improve the curb appeal of your clients' commercial space!

Outdoor concrete planters 

Concrete Planters - I am interested in a quote

Whether your client is seeking an outdoor space filled with colorful seasonal blooms or an indoor vestibule lined with fishtail palms and European olive trees, our concrete planters will display them beautifully! These weather resistant precast vases, basins, and boxes come in many sizes and colors.

Weather resistant concrete water fountains

Concrete Fountains - I am interested in a quote

Create a focal point in any landscape with a statuesque concrete fountain! Made from the same proprietary mixture as our other precast products, these sturdy water features include a pump and connections for easy outdoor installation. Several designs, sizes, and colors available. A great way to add art and motion to the scenery!

Landscape glass mulch for xeriscaping 

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Ideal for xeriscapes and more, our tumbled landscape glass is the new way to mulch! Enhance succulent gardens with intense color. Create a design with multiple hues to emphasize a flower bed or a walkway to an establishment. Your clients will love this smooth, glittering glass!

Concrete tables and seating

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With the cohesion of indoor and outdoor living, it only makes sense to have tables and seating for the landscape as well. Concrete table sets are designed to withstand the outdoor elements. We have many colors, sizes, and shapes for the outdoor space you're designing.

Outdoor concrete benches 

Concrete Benches - I am interested in a quote

If the garden space you're creating calls for an added touch of charm, consider fashioning a spot for admirers to stop and sit a spell! Lead them slightly off the beaten path with an inviting bench to relax on. Add a bit of whimsy with any of our animal themed benches. If your client has frequent customers, our animal benches offer a great selfie opportunity!

Patio Heaters

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Does your client have an outdoor seating area for their patrons? You would be wise to implement our patio heaters into your design! Electric or gas powered, stationary or portable, these radiant heat sources allow guests to continue enjoying the outdoor experience even when temperatures drop and nights become noticeably cooler.

Permanent tiki torches 

Tiki Torches - I am interested in a quote

Permanent gas tiki torches are an ideal way to create a fun and inviting atmosphere! Line a pathway to the cabana or decorate a terrace for a tropical themed party. Crafted from weather resistant copper or steel with laser cut designs for an intriguing twist on the oil filled lamps.

Pergolas for shade, climbing plants, and hanging lights

Pergolas - I am interested in a quote

We can help you create a custom pergola for the architectural landscape plan you're designing! These lovely garden adornments serve as a source of shade and are perfect for outdoor weddings, too! Vines and roses climb the posts and lattice for a naturally beautiful structure.

Outdoor Lighting galore!  

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When it comes to landscaping, outdoor lighting can have an impact on your designs. Showcase particular features of a garden at night, or lead a client's patrons to the entrance of the establishment. We offer a variety of matching pendant, post, and wall sconce lighting for the outdoors.

Fire urns and lanterns

Fire Urns - I am interested in a quote

These amazing fire features are a great alternative to lighting where an outdoor electrical source may not be an option. Gas powered features provide ambiance, light, and a unique conversation piece for gardens, patios, and more! The Nest Lantern (shown above) is a customer favorite!

Fire on water manifolds 

Fire On Water Manifolds - I am interested in a quote

When the landscape calls for something truly awe inspiring, it may be time to let the opposing elements collide! Our inline and submersible gas manifolds allow flames to dance upon the water's surface, creating a theatrical performance that will thill and amaze your clients' guests!

360 fire and water features 

360 Water Features - I am interested in a quote

These 360° features are meant to be viewed from any angle. Spillway bowls are centered in a self contained reservoir, while a magnificent fire presents a spectacle up above. Perfect for roundabouts or circular driveways outside an establishment!

Fire pit bowl 

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Fire bowls are a unique alternative to the traditional fire pit. They also make an impressive statement when placed atop ornamental pillars around a pool or patio. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to embellish any outdoor gathering spot.

Scupper bowls 

Scupper Bowls - I am interested in a quote

Designed with an overflow lip on one or all four sides, these charming water bowls are terrific accent pieces for pools, ponds, gardens, and more! Create a DIY waterfall fountain and let the sounds of cascading water beckon guests to relax and enjoy their surroundings.

Pool fire bowls 

Pool Fire Bowls - I am interested in a quote

Transform any landscape into a mesmerizing oasis with our copper, stainless steel, or precast concrete pool fire bowls! The opposing elements of fire and water is astounding and makes for attractive eye candy in any outdoor space. Spice up the architectural appeal of a pool, garden pond, or decorative lagoon with these amazing fire and water features!

We offer high quality products that are created with the intention of longevity and years of enjoyment. For all your commercial project needs including custom designs, please contact us at 1-877-373-6677 for the best quote in the industry!

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