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1-Light Led Mela Mini Pendant in Satin Ni...
Bring a stylish flair to 
your house with this fascinating 
and exceptional Mela 1-Light Led 
Mini Pen... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Farmhouse Mini Pendant in Antique...
This splendid and stylish 
Farmhouse 1-Light Mini Pendant in 
Antique Copper & Matching Shade will 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Firestorm Mini Pendant in Dark Rust
This awe-inspiring Dark Rust 
Firestorm Glass 1-Light Firestorm Mini 
Pendant will change the look of... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Maui Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel...
This awe-inspiring and 
extraordinary 1-Light Maui Mini Pendant in 
Satin Nickel with Embers Glass 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Stratham Pendant in Silvered Grap...
This luxurious and stylish 
Seedy Glass & Metal 1-Light 
Stratham Pendant in Silvered Graphite 
will m... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Vortex Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel
This fascinating Vortex 
1-Light Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel 
with Multi-colored Glass will 
make a s... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Jewelstone Mini Pendant in Tiffan...
This distinctive and classic 
Jewelstone 1-Light Mini Pendant in 
Tiffany Bronze with Tiffany Style 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Piedra Mini Pendant in Satin Nick...
This distinctive and radiant 
Satin Nickel 1-Light Mini Pendant 
with Genuine Stone Shade, is the 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Led Capri Mini Pendant in Satin N...
This alluring Capri 1-Light 
Led Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel 
with Capiz Shell Glass will pair 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel with...
This warm and comfy 1-Light 
Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel with 
Burnt Caramel Glass Shade will 
bring ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Led Mini Vortex Mini Pendant in S...
Elevate your home decor with 
this classy Mini Vortex 1-Light 
Led Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel 
with ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Mini Pendant with Hammered Red Glass
This sparkling Oil Rubbed 
Bronze 1-Light Mini Pendant 
Hammered Red Glass Shade will make 
your inter... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Mini Pendant with Hammered Clear ...
Hang this exceptional and 
timeless Oil Rubbed Bronze 1-Light 
Mini Pendant Hammered Clear Glass 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Cassandra Mini Pendant in Polishe...
This chic and stylish 
Polished Chrome & Chrome Plated Glass 
1-Light Mini Pendant is a necessary 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Iridescence Mini Pendant in Satin...
This splendid and luxurious 
Iridescence 1-Light Mini Pendant in 
Satin Nickel with Storm Blue Glass 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Led Coletta Mini Pendant in Satin...
Make your interior look more 
brighter and luxurious with this 
exceptional Coletta 1-Light Led Mini ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Geologic Mini Pendant in Satin Ni...
Illuminate your home with 
this ultra modern and beautiful 
Geologic 1-Light Mini Pendant in 
Satin Ni... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Mini Pendant in Polished Chrome w...
Complement your interior 
decor with the graceful presence 
of this radiant and stylish 
Mini Pendant ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Vortex Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel
This trendy Vortex 1-Light 
Mini Pendant in Satin Nickel with 
Rainbow Glass is a necessary 
addition ... 
In Stock
1-Light Led Capri Mini Pendant in Satin N...
Make a dramatic statement in 
your home with this appealing and 
ultra voguish Capri 1-Light Led 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Light Billiard Motif Island Light
The 3-Light Billiard Motif 
Island Light is ideal as a kitchen 
island light, as dining room light 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Light Billiard Motif Island Light in Ma...
The 3-Light Billiard Motif 
is an ideal island light for 
your lounge or bar area. The 
sleek design w... 
Free shipping|In Stock
4-Light Beaufort Island Light
The 4-Light Beaufort Island 
Light is ideal as a kitchen island 
light, as dining room light or 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Latham Mini Pendant in Tiffany Br...
Raise the stylish levels of 
your space with this distinctive 
and stylish Latham 1-Light Mini 
Free shipping|In Stock
Clear Blown Glass 1-Light Dangling Rope Pendant in Oil Rubbed Bronze
1-Light Dangling Rope Pendant in Oil Rubb...
This trendy Clear Blown 
Glass 1-Light Dangling Rope 
Pendant in Oil Rubbed Bronze will 
add brillianc... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Iris Island Light
The 1-Light Iris Island 
Light is ideal as a kitchen island 
light, as dining room light or 
other spa... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light Merida Pendant in Polished Chrome
This alluring and ultra 
voguish Polished Chrome 1-Light 
Merida Pendant with Silver Linen 
Glass will... 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Light Casual Traditions Island Light
The 3-Light Casual 
Traditions Island Light is ideal as a 
kitchen island light, as dining room 
Free shipping|In Stock
2-Light Novelty Island Light
The 2-Light Novelty Island 
Light is ideal as a kitchen island 
light, as dining room light or 
other ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
1-Light LED Tribune Pendant in Chrome wit...
This distinctive Chrome & 
Opal Glass Integrated 1-Light LED 
Tribune Pendant will give a warm and 
Free shipping|In Stock
2-Light Briggs Island Light
The 2-Light Briggs Island 
Light is ideal as a kitchen island 
light, as dining room light or 
other s... 
Free shipping|In Stock
3-Light Buckingham Island Light in Matte Black
3-Light Buckingham Island Light
This trendy 3-Light 
Buckingham Island Light in Matte Black 
& White Faux-Marble Glass is 
ideal as a ... 
Free shipping|In Stock
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Different Types of Kitchen Island Lighting

Island lights are a wonderful way to spruce up your kitchen/dining room. They will be the perfect eye-catcher in any space and a great conversation piece!

All hanging lighting should be 30-36 inches above countertop or tabletop surfaces. This is important as your lighting provides the perfect illumination for your room. We offer LED lighting that will also save you energy and money.

If your kitchen is part of open-concept space, avoid big chunky fixtures that can get in the line of vision and go for glass fixtures that allow you to see through them while allowing the space to appear to remain open.

In most homes, the kitchen island is a multipurpose area that can change every now and then depending on the occasion, time, and need. Some of its various roles include a breakfast area, kitchen area, cooking area, and even a dining area.

  • Overhead Pendants. They are the most versatile kitchen island lighting. With their style variations, pendant lights give both style and functionality for your kitchen. There are many kitchen ideas to choose from with these kitchen island pendant lighting.
  • Choose for a kitchen island lighting with recessed lighting. It creates a clean but still functional design for your kitchen. The most essential part of recessed lights is housing. They are the parts that hold the trim and bulb.

  • Chandeliers are majestic hanging lights. It is an eye-catching home décor that gives light and warmth inside your house.
  • You can also choose under-cabinet LEDs for ambient lighting. These are helpful kitchen island lights to provide proper lighting on your workspace below. Even though its benefit is not the same as the usual kitchen island lighting, but it has other notable advantages.

Fireplace Doors Online is here to offer you the best quality products for your kitchen island lighting. Contact us today at 888-986-1535 for more details about our home renovation products.


What would be the best type of kitchen island lighting is perfect for me?

  • If you want to highlight your kitchen working space, overhead pendants might be suitable for you. Other than being the most versatile for kitchen lighting, it can match your home decors effectively.