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Kamado Grills

If it's versatility that you are looking for, a kamado-style grill is a must-have for your outdoor entertaining area.  These models can grill, smoke, sear or roast just about anything and they maintain consistent temperatures.  Kamado BBQ grills provide more efficient heat retention than typical charcoal grills and are available in freestanding, built-in or portable configurations.

To highlight a particular grill that can do it all...The Primo Oval Ceramic Kamado grill. This grill can do it all and is made to last. The Primo Kamado Grill is perfect for your next grill out as each grill has a two-zone cooking setup allowing you to grill different foods at the same time. 

Kamado grills can be used to cook with direct or indirect heat and our grills are made to please. Most are made with a durable ceramic body which are inspired by centuries-old cooking techniques that have withstood the test of time. Ceramic kamado grills are hard to beat when it comes to retaining heat, locking in smoke and creating moisture while grilling, though, the Blaze cast aluminum kamado-style grills offer superior durability to ceramic. The Blaze kamado charcoal grill is made from a durable 1/4" thick cast aluminum that is rust resistant and resistant to outdoor elements. Please keep in mind that the grills are resistant but can still potentially rust if not cared for properly.  Help protect your investment by adding a protective cover!