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4-Light Briggs Island Light

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4-Light Beaufort Island Light

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3-Light Billiard Motif Island Light

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1-Light Iris Island Light

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2-Light Briggs Island Light

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3-Light Buckingham Island Light

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3-Light Mulvaney Island Light

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2-Light Elysburg Island Light

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The Rules of Kitchen Island Lighting

Island lights are a wonderful way to spruce up your kitchen/dining room. They will be an eye-catcher in the room and a great conversation piece! But don't let them hang so low that they are blocking these conversations with your guests. Yes, good lighting is important in the kitchen so you can see while you cook up a storm. All hanging lighting should be 30-36 inches above countertop or tabletop surfaces.

If your kitchen is part of open-concept space, avoid big chunky fixtures that can get in the line of vision and go for glass fixtures that allow you to see through them while allowing the space to appear to remain open.


Look for the size of the fixture that would be suitable for your kitchen.

Lighting Needs

Island lighting can give direct light over the place and island. But it sometimes can be more stylistic if there is good light distribution in the kitchen.


Transform your kitchen with these adorable island lights that can make your kitchen attractive. It can add more details to your kitchen especially if it is plain and simple.

Visual Weight

Make that your island lights are lightweight. Kitchen island lighting should have a strong fixture. These are also compatible with smaller or narrower places. Thus, it does not give a crowded look upon the place.


Kitchen island lighting finishes can contrast or blend the fixtures that you want to establish. For example, the brass finish can give a vibrant look that is close to the adjacent living room in your house.


It depends on the kitchen island that you have. Usually, people place two island lighting in their kitchen. For some, a long table can be good for three kitchen island lighting.


Just like any other purchase, you need to look for the cost of these island lights. It will help you decide on what specific design will be suitable for your budget.

Here at Fireplace Doors Online, we value your concerns and decisions. Let us know your thoughts about creating a new face for your kitchen island. Island lights can uplift the vibe in your kitchen! Call us now and visit our website!