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Introducing: Landscape Glass!

Hop on the latest xeriscaping trend and learn all about our brand new landscape glass!

We love this stuff so much, we could kiss it! (We think you'll feel the same! Read on and get inspired!)

 Aug 1, 2017    Design Ideas, Latest News

Introducing: Landscape Glass!Fireplace Doors Online is getting in on the xeriscaping trend with our new decorative glass mulch! We think you'll love this stuff as much as we do! We're sure you're familiar with our beautiful fire glass for your electric fireplace and outdoor fire pit or bowl. Landscape glass is something different. While it does go through a meticulous tumbling process to ensure that all of the edges are smooth, it is best suited for your lawn and garden versus your fire feature. Not quite sure what we mean? Let us take you down a creative path to show you what we're talking about! 

Typically when you think about adding mulch to your flower beds and other fauna throughout your yard, you may think of bark. For the more arid climates, you may be more familiar with using colored stones. While these options do have their benefits, let's face it - they tend to be a little blasé. With landscape glass, you can add vibrancy, a touch of sparkle, and a whole lot of charisma to your outdoor living space! We have a terrific selection in a spectrum of colors to blend in or contrast with your décor! We're talking blue, red, and even black and purple! We also have 5 beautiful specialty mixes that combine two or more of our featured colors. And one of the best parts about these fun to decorate with products - they have the best names!! Instead of telling your guests that you just got some red or brown bark mulch to fill in the embankment in front of your property, you could be telling them that you just adorned your lawn with Jack Frost, Sugar Maple, Oceanview, or even Grape Soda landscape glass!



There are SO many things you can do with these shimmering pieces of colored glass! Many people love to add them to their flower beds and rock gardens. Do you have one of those super trendy fairy gardens? Landscape glass will make an ornate and unique filler for your whimsical display. Additionally, there is no need to worry about these products becoming lackluster - the sun's rays will not fade these glass pieces! Check out more of our ideas for decorating with this brilliant landscape mulch:

  • Look at all of the designs you can create with our landscape glass!Accents for a dry riverbed - try using our Glacier Mix to simulate a creek!
  • Attract feathered friends to a birdbath by adding a layer of glass to each tier.
  • Fill the support base around your water fountain with an attractive layer of glass mulch.
  • Have a flag pole? Deck out the filler at the base of the pole with red, white, and blue glass!
  • Consider adding decorative landscape glass around the sandbox in the backyard. Our glass is tumbled so that there are no sharp edges!
  • Opt for landscape glass vs. white-washed pebbles to fill in areas around patio pavers and stepping stones.
  • Create your own stepping stones out of our landscape glass! All you need is a design!
  • Have a commercial establishment? Welcome and attract patrons when you add some glitz and glamor to your property with landscape glass!
  • Use our landscape glass as mulch for your xeriscaping plans!
  • We think gabion borders look better with glass accents!
  • Layer the bottom of your fish aquarium with our Down To Earth Mix, or fill a translucent vase with our decorative Mosaic glass for a stunning centerpiece!



Landscape glass is the perfect decorative mulch for xeriscape plants, such as succulents!Xeriscaping is the latest trend in gardening, especially in areas that experience a lack of moisture year round. It is a very low maintenance hobby since the plants that are used in the garden require little or no irrigation. The xeriscape concept takes on a whole new meaning, however, with landscape glass! People use it around their drought tolerant plants and perennials to create a focal point and a space that they love spending time in. It is truly a stunning display of life brimming forth from a bed of jewels.

Ladies and gentlemen, the design possibilities with our glass mulch are only as endless as your imagination! We even have some customers that love to get landscape edging and design a pattern, then fill it in with glass to create a monogram or family crest for a front lawn display! These products are beautiful and super easy to work with! Special order some glass mulch today for your projects!  Available in a 50 pound bag in different sizes, you are sure to find exactly what you need! Please remember that we love getting pictures of our products in your outdoor space - email us a picture to show us what you've created!






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