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Indoor Lighting | Light Bulbs 

The lighting in your home is just as important as the lighting outside your home. Bringing elegance to your home is easy with adding some lighting. Indoor lighting brings out your style and emotion to your home. There are so many choices of lighting that it can be difficult to put together the type of lighting that you are looking for. We want to make this simple for you by giving you exactly what you need!

Our indoor lighting section gives you plenty of options with different styles and colors to fit into any room. We have designs to bring out your classic or modern style in your living space. There are choices from hang lighting to lamps that will fit every need within your living spaces. Below we have highlighted all our options available to make it easy for you to decide. Take a look!


A versatile and perfect addition doesn't require an electrician to install. Just plug and go! Lamps are great for a calm room lighting. The light emitted from lamps can be relaxing and perfect for small tasks. Not only will a lamp add a statement piece to any room, but they also help with being more conscious of the electricity that you are using.

The greatest aspect of a lamp is that they take up little room and emit the perfect lighting for reading or relaxing in your living space. A lamp can be placed anywhere within your home in order to give a more versatile option to your home. Lamps can be moved anywhere in the home so if you get bored with them in your living room move them to your bedroom! Try your lamps on nightstands, desks, or near your favorite reading nook. 


The perfect chandelier can automatically enhance any space within your home. They not only come in classical empire designs but also rustic or modern designs to match your decor style. Chandeliers are perfect for making a statement without resorting to the more popular brass options. We have a plethora of options to ensure your design flows smoothly.

The addition of a chandelier can really give your space an uplift and an item to be proud of. The design of a chandelier is bold and elaborate to ensure a statement is made. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling to give vibrant light throughout the space evenly and will emit enough light to make your space well lit. 

A chandelier is a perfect addition when designing your home. We have many style options available to choose from to ensure you will find exactly what you are looking for! Try looking into our more modern options if you are looking to upgrade your older outdated chandelier.

Island Lights

Island lights are a wonderful way to spruce up your kitchen/dining room. They will be an eye-catcher in the room and a great conversation piece! But don't let them hang so low that they are blocking these conversations with your guests. Yes, good lighting is important in the kitchen so you can see while you cook up a storm. All hanging lighting should be 30-36 inches above countertop or tabletop surfaces.

If your kitchen is part of open-concept space, avoid big chunky fixtures that can get in the line of vision and go for glass fixtures that allow you to see through them while allowing the space to appear and remain open.

Vanity Lights

If you're looking for an upgraded vanity light for your bathroom then we are sure to have just what you need to spruce up your home lighting decor! But it's always good to know the basics before you start.

First, in order to avoid shadows being cast over one's face while they're trying to shave in the mirror or put in their makeup, there need to be multiple light sources in the room - both overhead and on the wall. Location and distance are key. There should be wall sconces on either side of the main bathroom mirror, about 30 inches apart if the design of the room allows. If your vanity is long, add additional sconces towards the center above the mirror as needed. Diffused lighting with shades or frosted glass works best.

Wall Sconces

Upgrading your lighting to wall scones can upgrade any room they are in and add ambient lighting. Accent wall decor or art pieces.

Wall Sconces are a beautiful and wonderful option to add the perfect touch inside any home. Find the right style to match your own personal home decor! You'll want one in every room. 

Entryways & Foyers

The average homeowner's entryway is modest and small in size. Save space and eliminate foyer tables and lamps by installing wall sconces instead. Place them near spots you frequently use in the entryway, like a bench or chair for taking on and off shoes. If there is a staircase within the entry area, make sure it is also well lit so that you or guests are tripping over the landing when they first come in. If you're thinking about putting one next to the door, be sure to check that there's enough clearance for the door to swing open without hitting the sconce. 

Hallway Lighting

Hallways usually lack natural lighting from windows, so lighting is essential. If there's already a primary light source already installed overhead, place the wall sconces 8 to 10 feet apart. If not, place them at a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other. As a rule of thumb, sconces for decorative use can be placed farther apart while sconces being installed for practical use need to be closer together.

Dining Room

Add ambient light and create a cozy, friendly atmosphere with wall sconces in the dining room. Try them on either side of the doorway as a visual way to invite guests into the gathering space. For decor styles that use curved or ornate furnishings, use sconces with period style or traditional designs. More modern decor styles that use square and linear shapes pair well with mid-century modern and contemporary wall sconce designs.

Living Room

Dens and living rooms typically will already have pre-existing lighting such as lamps or a semi-flush fixture overhead, but sconces can be used to illuminate dark corners, near sliding glass doors, or highlight wall decor and art. Consider adding a dimmer switch to them for when you want low lighting while watching television or to set the mood with ambient lighting. 


Save more room on your nightstands for more books and a diffuser by getting rid of those lamps and adding wall sconces on either side of your bed.

Pendant Lights

Bring a little light in your life with a new type of lighting! Pendant lighting can be a fun and colorful task lighting that goes well in both office and residential settings.

These wonderful and beautiful pendant lights or sometimes called a drop or suspender is a light fixture with a single bulb and shade that will hang from the ceiling usually by itself! Glass pendants are the most common style but they can also feature shades made of metal, paper, or plastic.


Pendants lights can act as spotlights to highlight art and decor. And because pendant lighting hangs from the ceiling, it doesn't take up any valuable floor space.

Where to Hang

Perhaps the most popular spot in the home for pendant lights is over the kitchen island or above the kitchen sink to as to not miss any dirty spots when washing the dishes. This is referred to as task lighting, where the light focuses on a single location instead of illuminating the whole room. To light up a bigger area, multiple pendant lights would need to be used and spread out over space.

Flush & Semi Flush Mount Lights

Browse our wide selection of Flush Mount and Semi-Flush Mount lights! These lights are perfect for inside any home decor setting, completing the style! But first, let us explain the differences between these two styles. Flush mount lighting is installed snug and nearly flat against the ceiling while semi flush mount lighting is suspended a few inches away from the ceiling. Flush mounts are better for lower ceilings while semi-flush mounts are more appropriate for higher ceilings.





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