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As a fireplace expert who has been in the business for many years, we've heard almost all fireplace myths in the book. And today...

If you're thinking of buying a fireplace for your home, you need to ask yourself these essential questions to ensure you'll find the perfect style and type that meets your and your home's requirements.

A fire bowl is an excellent way to get some use out of your patio or backyard during the cold months. It can also make your outdoor area a lovely gathering space during other seasons. But before shopping around for the perfect fire bowl, you need to do your homework first to ensure you'll end up with the right one for your needs.

Tiki torches can make your garden more festive during summertime. Their flickering flames are not just exciting but comforting as well. Before installing and twisting them into your ground, consider the tiki torch tips we have here for a more appealing outdoor space.

Installing a fireplace is always worth the time and effort. It may be a challenging task, but having that rustic, cozy image of flickering flames combined with a natural source of heat, makes it a rewarding endeavor.

Having a TEC grill at home means you have a wide variety of cooking options! You will be able to slow-roast a mouthwatering pork loin or sear a delicious steak at high temperature to perfection.

Keep your wood-burning fireplace in tip-top shape with these simple and easy maintenance tips.

Indoor fireplaces are a stunning focal point to any home. Restoring or adding one in your humble abode is a fantastic way to enhance its cozy factor during the winter season. Not only does it provide a warm ambiance but boost your home's value as well.

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