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Important Information About Crossfire Brass Burners

Important Information About Crossfire Brass Burners


  • The Lifetime Warranty on Crossfire Brass Burners will be null and void if this product is left uncovered when not in use. 
  • The optional electronic ignition and required valve kit are 100% compliant with this product. Alternative products that are configured into your setup are not covered by the Crossfire Brass Burner warranty and will therefore make the guarantee null and void.


  • The all weather electronic ignition system (AWEIS) is suitable for fire features that are greater than 7 inches deep. Please confirm your dimensions before proceeding.
  • For features with depths less than 7 inches, a mini-AWEIS system is highly recommended.


  • Contact your local code enforcement agency to see what the codes are for outdoor fire pits/features in your area, as some municipalities do not allow them. We cannot accept returns on Crossfire Brass Burners and associated accessories due to customers not verifying local fire safety codes.
  • Fire pit burners must only be used outside in a well ventilated area.
  • Do not use fire pit burners in features that are situated under a roof, deck, or tress.
  • Do not use your fire pit burner in extreme or severe weather.
  • Maintain a 3 foot clearance between your fire feature and any combustible material.
  • It is recommended that fire pit burners remain 4 inches from the edge of the fire feature.


Last updated on August 7th 2019.

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