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HPC + BILT Creates Industries 1st Install/Troubleshooting App

 Oct 29, 2019    General, Fire Pits, Fire Bowls & Fixtures, The Great Outdoors

HPC and BILT have teamed up to create the industry's first installation & troubleshooting app. This software will be a game-changer in the field since it's packed with many helpful features including what tools you will need, how long it will take, how many people will need to help, just to name a few. HPC+BILT offers the potential no other app can offer in the industry.

BILT Available on the App StoreBILT - Available on the Google Play Store

What does it offer?

For starters, the app allows you to see how many people are recommended for installation of the fire feature, how much time on average it will take needed to complete set up, and how many steps to complete the entire process. There is a 3D guide providing step by step details for getting the fire feature up and going. It will provide a complete list of the parts with detailed information about each one of them. The tools section gives you every single tool needed to complete your journey of installation.

The step by step 3D guide is packed full of features including a pinch to zoom on any specific part, which also allows you to tap for details, giving specific information on the part itself. You can drag to rotate 360° around the 3D model to get a complete overview of what you're installing. How many times have you said to yourself, "I wish I could see the other side, just to see what it looks like" during those boring paper instructions? I know I have many times.


Protecting your Investment

This app also provides a section where you can register your product in order to protect your investment. This section allows you to input details of your purchase including: the model, serial number, date of purchase, your first name, last name, and email address, which will come in handy for quick and convenient reference. There is also a section for you to store your receipts and warranty just in case if anything happens.


How do I work it?

Operating the app is made super simple. All you have to do is type the name or type of your product into the search bar then tap on your product to bring up the detailed page of everything this app offers (listed above) to ensure your installation/troubleshooting process is as seamless as possible.

What about HPC's current apps?

HPC's current apps offer multi-person access, controls for multiple fire pits, and self-diagnosing for compatible electronic fire pits. These apps are super helpful and HPC will not remove these, making them their own separate app, so make sure you have the HPC+BILT, and the others installed onto your phone!

The app is compatible with both Android and Apple devices and is available on the Google Play Market Place and the App Store. Find out more here!

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Last updated on September 17th 2020.


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