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How to Efficiently Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

 Jun 21, 2019    Safety & Maintenance, Protecting the Outdoors

It is always great to have some nice outdoor furniture. Spending time outdoors is always good for us, even if it is just three meters from our home.

Unfortunately, outdoor furniture tends to wear out faster than indoor furniture does. There are a few reasons for this. We’ll go through why this is the case in just a minute.

By the time you’ve read through all of this, you’ll also know how to efficiently cover your outdoor furniture in order to let it last as long as possible. It is important that you learn about this so that you don’t waste money on new outdoor furniture in the future.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

48" Round Table and Chair Cover

Covering Your Outdoor Furniture Provides Protection from the Elements

While you may need to fork out some extra cash for your outdoor furniture covers, it will save you money in the long run. Without those covers, your outdoor furniture will be destroyed by any number of factors.

Everything from humidity to snow to rain to the blazing sun can damage your outdoor furniture permanently. Your outdoor furniture will likely include wood which is very easily damaged when exposed to the outdoors without protection.

General Cover Guidelines

#1 – Waterproof Not Water Resistant

There is a strong difference between a waterproof cover and a water-resistant cover. A water-resistant cover will repel water from the furniture, which will help, of course. However, a waterproof cover will keep your outdoor furniture completely safe as the water won’t penetrate the cover at all.

When you choose an outdoor furniture cover, it must be waterproof. If it isn’t, you risk damaging the wood and fabric of the furniture whenever it rains. It is very important to keep rain and other damp elements off of your outdoor furniture.

#2 – UV Resistant

The sun will also wear down your outdoor furniture. If your outdoor furniture is targeted by UV rays too often during the day, it will cause damage. The furniture may lose its color or weaken completely.

Your outdoor furniture cover should be quite thick in order to resist the UV rays throughout the day. You won’t need to use them all day, as you will want to use your outdoor furniture at some point. However, when you’re not using the furniture, it is best to cover it up again.

Cover for Lounge Chairs

#3 – Ventilation

One of the biggest problems with outdoor furniture is mildew. Mildew breaks down the wood on your furniture, essentially rotting it away. This occurs because of moisture and humidity. If your outdoor furniture cover isn’t designed to keep the furniture dry, you will run into this problem sooner or later.

To avoid mildew, your outdoor furniture cover needs to have proper ventilation. There should be a means by which humidity is able to escape from underneath the cover while rain is also not able to get into the cover.

Without proper ventilation, your outdoor furniture will not last long. Any paint or dye will start to get discolored; wood will grow mildew and begin rotting, and the furniture itself will start to get discolored. If left unchecked, you’ll find yourself with ugly, old-looking outdoor furniture that no one wants to use anymore!

Make sure you get an outdoor furniture cover that provides proper ventilation to avoid the above issues. Letting your outdoor furniture breathe as well as protecting it from the elements will help it stay healthy and maintain its current condition for far longer than without it.  

Pack It Down for the Winter

It is unlikely that you will use your outdoor furniture much during winter, so you may as well store it during the colder months. Packing your outdoor furniture down and storing it for the winter will extend its life as well.

Make sure that the location where you store your outdoor furniture is dry and protected from the elements. A shed or dry storage space would be the best plan for winter storage.

Extra Large Umbrella Cover

Get the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Cover Today

Your outdoor furniture requires far more protection than the furniture you have inside your home. Options coming soon!

Last updated on February 4th 2020.


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