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How to Clean Your Gas Logs

 Dec 23, 2019    General, Easy Gas Fireplaces, The Great Outdoors, The Great Indoors

When it comes to cleaning the gas logs in your indoor gas fireplace, it isn’t too difficult to do it on your own. That being said, you should still check the manual first. If the manual mentions anywhere that you require professional help for any step, head the warning! Some vented gas logs or even vent free gas logs are more difficult to clean than others. It depends on the fireplace model.

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You must also pay attention to your gas logs set. Different materials may require slightly different cleaning methods. The following guide is the general means by which you would clean your gas logs set. We’ll get into this first, then provide you with some more information. Take a look!

Quick Warning Before We Begin

Your gas logs are quite fragile and need to be treated with extreme care. You should never place any liquid on them, unless your user manual states otherwise. Chemicals and even just plain water tend to cause further soot build-up which is harmful for your lungs.

Certain portions of your fireplace, such as the doors, can utilize a cleaner. Make sure this cleaner is completely dried up and/or washed off before restarting your fireplace.

To avoid needing anything more than a brush and compressed air, be sure to clean your entire fireplace every week or even more than that if you have the spare time. This will greatly improve the lifespan of your fireplace.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step #1

Check, double check, and triple check that your gas valve is turned OFF! Do not continue unless every one of the parts and gas logs in your fireplace are cool. Nothing should be getting any heat for your own safety.

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Step #2

You’ll first need to check the burner and control area. The best way to clean these areas is with a vacuum cleaner hose. If your fireplace has lava rocks, you can cover the hose head with a piece of cheesecloth to prevent rocks from getting sucked in and destroying it. Cover every inch as there are particles of dust that you cannot see still there most of the time.

Step #3

Remove your gas logs from the burner, taking care to remember how they were assembled. (You can either snap a picture or consult the manual to determine how to replace them later)

Step #4

Before you begin cleaning them, take note that they are quite fragile. The best way to clean them up is with a soft brush and a can of compressed air. Use the brush to clean obvious debris on the outside and the compressed air to clean out hard to reach areas.

Step #5

Skip this step if you don’t have glass fireplace doors. If you do, use stove glass cleaner to wipe them off. Make sure you spray the cleaner onto a cloth and not directly to avoid stains or damage. (Remember that regular glass cleaner is a big NO NO for fireplace doors!)

Step #6

Clean the outside of your fireplace with a water-soaked cloth. You should clean this area regularly to avoid any build-up of soot or dirt. If you can’t remove the debris with water, mix a very small amount of soap into the water and wipe it clean with that. Rinse the area with plain water right after to prevent stains.

Step #7

Check the entire fireplace and all accessories for damage or corrosion. If you find anything, call a professional to help you restore it. DO NOT attempt repairs on your own.

Step #8

Replace the gas logs in your firebox and ensure that the gas logs set are in the same positions they were in before you removed them.

Step #9

Check the manual again to learn how to relight your fireplace after cleaning it. If you aren’t sure of what to do, call a professional to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I Need to Clean My Gas Logs with a Liquid?

No, you do not need to clean them with a liquid. As we mentioned earlier, using certain chemicals could cause difficulty with breathing due to soot build-up, not to mention a larger than ideal fire! (Long story short, never use flammable chemicals on your logs!)

What Cleaning Solution Should I Use?

It is best to use nothing but a soft brush and compressed air. As for the outside of your fireplace, you may need to use a 1:20 ratio of soap and water to remove excessive grime. Remember to rinse the whole area after doing so.

Want to Learn More?

If you have further questions or interests, you can click here and see what else we have to tell you! You may be able to learn what kind of gas logs you have and whether there are specific differences with them.

Good luck to you all and happy fireplace cleaning!


Last updated on December 23rd 2019.


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