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How to Choose the Best Quality Fireplace Screen in 2019

 May 9, 2019    Fire Screens and Mesh

If you are looking for high-performance fireplace screens that are built to last, then you are in the right place. We have a large collection of fire screens that you may want to check out.

When to adding screens to your fireplace hearth, style is critical. You want to add a touch of beauty to your fireplace while also protecting your family, pets, and property from flying fireplace sparks. Fireplace screens come in different styles. Our collection of fireplace covers match perfectly with any modern home décor. The choice of fire screens is dependent on a number of factors.

In order to help you find the very best fireplace screens, here’s a quick roundup of all the varieties in our collection of fireplace accessories. We have included all the product details we deem fit and appropriate to help you make a well-informed choice.

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Fireplace screens in our collection

Before we get down to the different types of fireplace screens, it is very important to distinguish between fireplace screens and fireplace doors. As the names suggest, the two are very distinct and different. For the avoidance of doubts, you can check out our fireplace doors collection.

That said, here are some of the varieties of fireplace screens in our collection:

Custom fireplace screens

If your fireplace is larger than usual, it is recommended that you go for screen varieties that match with your fireplace style and size. Custom fire screens are suitably designed for large-sized fireplaces. At fireplace online, we have different styles and options of screens all designed to suit your decor expectations. So, depending on your needs and expectations, you can be sure to choose what suits you best.

Single panel fireplace screens

If you are looking for exquisite and fine looking fireplace glass doors, the single panels are worth checking out. Our collections feature varieties with adjustable legs. These are specifically designed for easy pushing flush against your fireplace door. We also have single panel fireplace screens with handles. The handles allow users to pick up and set aside fireplace screens during firewood loading. We have more than enough varieties of single panel screens. Check our collection for additional details.

Bowed fireplace screensForged Steel Laramie Convex Single Panel Fireplace Screen

 Are you looking for superior fireplace accessories with the latest performance enhancement features? The Bowed Fireplace covers are designed to offer that and a couple more. They give your fireplace a high-end 3D look that is very rare to come by. Like most other fireplace screens in our collection, the bowed varieties come with handles. These come in handy when you want to load more firewood. So, the handles facilitate screen removal for the same purpose. Wondering about their legs? Well, the bowed design means these fire screens do not need legs for support. On very even hearths, the Bowed Fireplace screen stands alone and stable. If Bowed Fire screens are your favorite, then look no further. We have more than enough of them just for you.

Fireplace screens with doors

Fireplace screens with doors are the new fad in town. With these doors, you no longer have to struggle to remove the screens in order to load firewood. Spare that effort for something else. Fireplace covers with doors are set within the screen frame for easy and luxurious firewood loading through the screen. By design, these types of screens are suitable for users with health conditions that require them to avoid heavy loads. So, if you know anyone with back problems and is seeking quality fireplace glass doors, we strongly recommend fireplace screens with doors.

Folding fireplace screens

Enjoy easy firewood loading along with 3-dimensional outlook with Folding Fire screens. Like screens with doors, the Folding varieties allow for firewood loading through the screen. You don't have to remove the same. Something else about these screens is that they are easy to fold up and store during summer. The handles are placed on the sides to help with easy lifting whenever necessary. You don't want a fireplace screen that takes enormous storage space, do you? Folding fireplace cover is what you need.

Child guard fireplace screens

These fireplace screens are meant to protect your kids from drawing to close to the source of heat. You don’t want your loved one getting burnt by the wood stove, do you? That is why you need the Child guard Fireplace screens. And we have quite a number in our collection of fireplace screens. For instance, the HearthGate screen is one version that comes with extension panels measuring 8" and 24" wide. This version is reputed for its flexibility and exceptional child protection. It features a heavy duty grate that allows for easy entry. In addition, this child guard fireplace screen easily attaches to walls for a quick and easy Do-It-Yourself assembly process.

Custom Sized Fireplace Standing Screens Available

Summer fireplace screens

Summer is not the best time for fireplaces. The surrounding is sufficiently warm and there’s no more reason to warm your house further. However, you can opt for Summer Fireplace screens for fireplace beautification among other reasons. So, when you ultimately decide to rekindle some life at the fireplace during the off season, you better know what summer screens to go for. At fireplace online, we have a wide collection of the best summer fireplace screens for different purposes. Be it for beautification, deterring pets and kids accessing the fireplace or just keeping the fireplace alive, we have it all. Check out our collection for the best deals on summer fireplace accessories.

Spark guard fireplace cover

Sparks from the fireplace can result in infernos or small fires that may damage your floor carpet and hearth. A spark guard fireplace screen provides an excellent way of keeping this in check. Our collection includes brands with the best spark guard features. They have frame attached handles for improved support and stability. Something to note about our spark guard fireplace covers is that they are built tough and very durable. We have a wide collection of the best brands and models you need to check out.

Replacement fireplace screens

This is the last category of fire screens in our listing. It's nothing unique. Replacement fireplace covers are basically spares of the above-mentioned categories. So, if you have any faulty screens that can no longer slide open for some reason, we have a wide collection of replacements you can check out. Also included in this section are attached screens, rod kits, valance kits, and many others.

That’s it for our summary of our fireplace screens. We have provided sufficient details about each category in order to help you figure out what works for you. And because these are modern fire screens, they have better quality and improved performance.

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Last updated on July 1st 2019.


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