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The Beauty & Spark of Holiday and Seasonal Home Decorations 

Let this thought sink: holidays matter. These are the best of times within a year that people are giddy to celebrate with their families and friends. Aside from being part of our long history of tradition, celebrating holidays became an escape for us from reality.  It is one good way to relax somehow and chill for quite a moment. Indeed, these seasons are the days to look forward to. So, no wonder people also invest effort in making their own homes feel the vibe per season. Thus, the magic of seasonal decorations. 

Yup, even décor accents have their own timelines to be seen on your home interiors – that’s why it’s called seasonal items. Like your lovely closet, the accessories of your house proceed with adjustments too. It results in inspiration for most home dwellers to take good advantage of it and style their spaces. Making these changes definitely gives out a specific satisfaction for many. Also, this allows your own dwelling to have a make-over for some time. Like stated earlier, using these cyclical additions brings out the hype of which holiday is to be celebrated. Thus, we decided to create a guide for your convenience. In this read, learn about the top holidays of the year, ways to decorate, and more. 

Major Holidays of the Year – best days of putting on seasonal embellishments: 

Wherever side of the globe you might be now or whatever beliefs you have, holidays play a vital role to everyone. Thus, here are some of the major holidays that are celebrated worldwide: 

-     Valentines’ Day 

Ah yes, the season of love and hearts. Given that this day is included on the list, most homes during this time will surely be surrounded by Valentines-themed pieces.  From red hearts to charming roses, pretty sure they are all placed perfectly on tables or more. 

-     The Easter Holiday 

Hooray for new beginnings! Easter is one of the exciting festivity of the year on which people gather then do gift-giving. Sweet and pure, this holiday also opens access for interiors to be decorated differently. During the Easter season, the most common décor items used are cutesy rabbits and colorful eggs. Usually, they are placed – sometimes hidden – in spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and sometimes outdoors. With this, even energetic kids are eager to participate in decorating and adorning. Well, who could blame them? It is amusing and exhilarating to do!

-     Halloween Season 

Time for some spookiness with the season of Halloween! Even though this season brings out a scary cat feels, many are still fond of celebrating this holiday. They also style their own homes with eerie yet decorative accents. These might come from carving pumpkins and shopping for treats. People are wickedly happy upon putting decorations like cobwebs, skulls, and creepy spiders. To level up the vibe, they also dress up in cool costumes based on various characters. Truly, this holiday deserves to be on the list. Hey, is that a ghost behind you? Ha – bet that got you looking! We are just kidding, let’s move on to the last holiday of the list. 

-     Christmas and New Year 

Of course, save the best festivities for last! It is celebrated during the ending and starting months of the year. These holidays are the much-awaited seasons for many people. No matter what is your age, there will always be something special about Christmas Day. This is annual merriment on which people give gifts and share greetings of love. It is a heart-warming time that is best to celebrate with loving families and friends. Well, the same thing goes with the celebration of the New Year. The only difference is that it’s way noisier and louder. This is due to certain practices like lighting up fireworks and more. More or less, New Year celebrations are also for family gatherings and sending wishes upon entering another fruitful year. When it comes to decorations, most home dwellers accessorize more during Christmas rather than New Year. Some use their accents during Christmas until the New Year holiday is done. 

Other special holidays of the year on which people really prepared themselves. These include their home decorations: 

-     Chinese New Year 

-     Hanukkah 

-     Ramadan 

-     Eid al-Fitr 

-     Diwali 

-     Thanksgiving Day 

-     Memorial Day 

-     Independence Day 

-     Columbus Day 

-     Saint Patrick’s Day 

Now, after knowing all well-known celebrations – it’s now time to learn about some styling tips upon decorating on a specific holiday. In this way, you can avoid common seasonal styling mistakes as well. Don’t worry, and they are all easy peasy ways! 

STYLING 101: Simple Yet Effective Tips On Applying Seasonal Accents At Home 

Learn what holiday is coming. It is only evident that before you start on styling, you already know which is which. Using your recurrent pieces will only be effective if these décors apply to the occasion. Imagine decorating your space with Christmas ornaments when the actual holiday is Halloween. Sounds very awkward, right? It is very important that you’ll determine the event first and then look for the right décors for it. 

Balance is always the key. Avoid over decorating your space during certain celebratory events. This is one of the usual errors experienced by people when doing home design. Ensure that the accents you will put, hang, or mount can still give your interiors a space to breathe. If you succeed in doing such a balanced style, then your holidays will be way more fun!  

Don’t forget your wall spaces. Wall décor pieces, particularly the seasonal ones, are great accents if you’re about to decorate your house during a special event. Since your home walls take most of your space, it is nice to apply some additions. Today, there are lots of wall décor that are functional and suitable for a certain holiday. Large to small, they all look lovely and charming once located. 

Work on your centre pieces and throw pillows. Your throw pillows, for a fact, are one of the most noticeable accents used in your home space. This is why you should purchase covers in various designs. You can allot covers suited for every occasion. In this way, it will be faster for your so style and work on with other pieces.

On the other hand, your centre décor items are also important to embellish within the suited occasion. For example, putting on decorative balls on your accent table during the Christmas season or placing egg décors when it’s Easter time. Also, you can try using natural elements to make a more significant impact on your interiors. Lovely flowers, perhaps? 

Have fun! Uhm, guess that’s the main rule of all of this styling and décor. Of course, the point of holidays and events is for people to enjoy. It will be a total waste if you stress yourself out during these special times. Decorate your own space while having fun. Take good note that there’s no need to be too worked up. As long as you are having a worthy time placing your seasonal accessories at home, all is good. 

So, quite a guide, right? Hoping all of the stated points and details can be of great help with your seasonal home styling. However, if this is décor, stuff is all new to you – then looking for a reliable provider is definitely a must. A provider that can offer you vast options and made from the best standards. Actually, you can find out there's a lot, especially online, but our own brand is one of the best. Thus, we welcome you to Fireplace Doors Online! Your online provider for awesome home products! 

Your Decorative Holiday and Seasonal Décor Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

Ready or not, holidays will always come at a fast pace. As a homeowner, you need to at least prepare yourself on applying décor and ornaments within your home. It is a very good practice for you and your family to really feel the spirit of that particular season. From your front space to your dining area, it is only right to fill them with such aesthetics. To achieve what the home style you wished for, you must purchase accents that are really stylish. Moreover, these pieces are needed to be made of good quality. Of course, settling on the best is essential since holidays are not temporary. There is a high chance of adjusting with your décors again once that event is finished. Luckily, Fireplace Doors Online is right here to help you! 

Offered accents for certain holiday and seasons: 

-     Valentine’s Day or Day of Hearts and Love Collection 

-     Easter Time Collection 

-     Christmas Season Collection 

-     Halloween Season Collection 

So, better start shopping today and choose Fireplace Doors Online! Look for the best of the best accents that will suit your home design best. If you still have questions and concerns about some whereabouts, then dial 888-986-1535. Our company has a reliable sales team that is always ready to give their help and service the best.  



Are your holiday and seasonal decorations safe for home installation?

  • Yes. Our home decors follow safety precautions that will give your homes a decorative yet free from harm ambiance. You can also seek our assistance for the installation of your purchased products for safety assurance.