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Green Aztec Hearth Rug
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What else do you need to make your fireplace perfect? Why, a hearth rug of course! Hearth rugs are a great addition to any fireplace, but particularly wood burning ones. Wood burning fireplaces can emit sparks and embers that escape from your firebox. It’s important to protect your hearth and floors from a potential threat. Get the right hearth rug for the job with us!

Our original hearth rugs are made from olefin, a vegan-friendly wool imitation material. With this hearth rug you get the benefits of the look and feel of wool, but without any doubts weighing on your conscious or worry about the flame! Olefin is a fire-retardant material so when the inevitable happens—fly away sparks and embers—you’re safe. The latex backing featured on our beautiful hearth rugs is slip-resistant, so if you have to put a little elbow grease into cleaning that firebox, you don’t have to worry about the rug going out from under you.

Plus, with our affordable fireplace rugs, you can throw them in the wash! Simply toss it in the wash with mild detergent and when it’s done, lay it out flat to dry. Because this is a durable hearth rug that you can easily keep clean, you can expect to enjoy the beauty of this fireplace décor for years to come.

Providing you with quality fireplace accessories is important to us. So is getting you the right product. If you have any questions about any of these quality hearth rugs, give us a call or use our handy chat feature! We strive to always be here for our customers as well as provide you with high quality, American made fire products.