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Guide to Outdoor Wood-Burning Fireplace Accessories

 Aug 23, 2019    Heating Your Home, Staying Warm Outdoors

Whether you have an outdoor wood-burning fireplace or are planning to have one installed, you need to know about the various accessories that go with them. While not all of these outdoor fireplace accessories are completely necessary, they are always useful to own. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss a few of the more common and useful outdoor wood-burning fireplace accessories. You can learn their uses and determine if you’ll need one before buying them. We will cover everything from log lighters to ash buckets. 

18 Inch Stainless Steel Log Lighter

Log Lighters

Assuming you prefer an outdoor fireplace that uses wood for fuel, you will need a log lighter. Lighting a fire with just a match can be tedious and dangerous. The purpose of a log lighter is to allow you to light a fire from a safe distance. 

The average log lighter is around one foot long. (Though they come in many different sizes) A log lighter uses natural gas or liquid propane and contains holes for placing a match. After turning on the gas for a short time, (do not wait too long or the extra gas may cause a small explosion!) light the match at the end of your log lighter closest to yourself. The gas will ignite through the other end over the logs. 

Please do be careful when using a log lighter. While its purpose is to keep you safe, misusing it can be very dangerous. Do not utilize a log lighter if you do not know exactly what you are doing with it!


Outdoor Fireplace Doors

Fireplace doors are an obvious accessory to acquire. If you don’t already have outdoor fireplace doors, you really should get them. These doors protect the inside of your fireplace from dust and other outside elements. 

Doors come in a variety of sizes and materials. However, if you need something very specific, you can always go with a custom fireplace door. These custom doors will be designed to the exact specifications your outdoor fireplace needs. 


Outdoor Fireplace Screen

Outdoor fireplace screens prevent sparks and embers from flying out of the firebox and potentially causing a fire. They also provide a nice aesthetic to your outdoor fireplace. 

Outdoor Fireplace Tool Set

Every outdoor fireplace needs a good toolset to go with it! You should have your shovel, poker, broom, and anything else you might need. Generally, these tools come in a set, specifically designed for an outdoor fireplace.  

The purpose of each tool is quite self-explanatory. If you are unsure about how to use any outdoor fireplace tools, read the user manual. You can also contact us to learn more. 

 Stainless Steel 25 Inch Outdoor Fireplace Grate

Outdoor Fireplace Grate

The purpose of an outdoor fireplace grate is to keep your wood off the ground and provide good air circulation while it is lit. Obviously, you would only need this accessory if you have or are planning to buy an outdoor fireplace that uses wood for fuel. Outdoor gas-powered fireplaces have no use for a grate. 

The outdoor fireplace grate is also useful for keeping your fireplace clean. The wood you are burning will not end up sitting among the ashes that remain underneath them. This way, you can easily sweep up the ashes at the base of your fireplace without needing to move the wood around or even dust it off. 

Firewood Storage Rack

A firewood storage rack is useful for keeping your firewood clean, organized, and safe. On top of that, you can also keep track of how much firewood you have and determine when it is time to go and get more, based on the level of your firewood storage rack. 

Ash Bucket and Scoop

An ash bucket and scoop are accessories you will need if you mean to maintain your outdoor wood burning fireplace and prevent large amounts of ash from accumulating in your firebox. Without these tools, you may find that your fireplace starts to deteriorate after a while. 

It is important that you take good care of your outdoor fireplace. One of the main things that you need to take note of in order to do this is that you have the necessary accessories to accomplish your maintenance tasks. 

Take a look at the accessories we have to offer and figure out what you need to perfect your outdoor wood-burning fireplace today! 

Last updated on February 4th 2020.


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