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Grill Island Components

Designing your outdoor kitchen or space can be stressful and a hassle. Once you have most of your big items like a grill, what do you get for storage? Luckily, we're like a one stop shop for your grills, islands, and the components needed for storage!

We have everything you will need in order to satisfy your hunger for the perfect outdoor space! Grill components are made to make it easier to store as well as free space around your outdoor area!

The grill island components are made from durable and flashy stainless steel excellent for matching any decor! We have cabinets and drawers that will give you everything you need to keep all your items in one place! You won't have to worry about all your grill items laying about getting ruined.

Within the grill island components, you also have the option for ice makers and refrigerator to keep your ice flowing and drinks cool. This is perfect for your outdoor gatherings and to keep everyone from going in or out of your home. The components are also great for keeping a cooler from being in the way!

All our grill island components are made to withstand the outdoor elements to last you a lifetime. Just remember to keep up maintenance on your items in order to keep them shining and in working order!