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We have a dazzling collection of landscape glass for all your xeriscaping needs! They are unlike any outdoor living décor you've ever seen before. Your friends will be in awe to see how you've decorated the borders of the walkway that leads to your front door. Neighbors will be envious of your immaculate garden that boasts a multi-colored pattern in the center, designed entirely with 100% recycled glass for landscaping purposes!

Our glass mulch is made right here in the USA and has gone through a meticulous tumbling process to assure smooth pieces that are consistent in size. The gorgeous rainbow of colors that we offer will not fade in the sun, eliminating the need for replacement (though you may choose to expand your design with more glass).

Our landscape glass is offered in 50 pound increments and comes in an array of vibrant colors, and specialty mixes in medium to large-sized pieces to suit your design area and concept! Check out our inspirational video below to view our collection of gorgeous glass landscape mulch!

PLEASE NOTE: The glass landscape mulch colors shown online may differ slightly from the actual product appearance. Due to the tumbling process, glass will gather dust and need to be rinsed prior to use!


What is xeriscaping?

  • This is a new form of landscaping or gardening that requires little or no irrigation. It is an extremely low maintenance trend that is popular in areas where the climate tends to be more arid. However, this gorgeous landscaping mulch can be used in variety of design concepts, such as:
    • fillers for patio pavers, stepping stones, and walkways
    • fairy gardens
    • rock garden paths
    • flower arrangements or aquarium décor
    • gabion walls or borders
    • many other creative DIY projects!