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GFRC Hybrid 2-Part Fountain

GFRC Hybrid 2-Part Garden Water Fountain

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The Hybrid 2-Part Garden Water Fountain makes for a lovely accent piece for the corner of any indoor or outdoor living space. This glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) fountain from Gist Concrete Products features two large pots, the taller one being 3 feet high. The GFRC is lighter than precast concrete. A seal is usually applied as well, reducing the liquid absorption rate. If water can't get into the product, it won't crack. Pick from 37 different colors and choose a smooth or textured finish. Some of the concrete colors include a beautiful accent color. Enjoy the complete package as the Teton water pump and fittings are included.

Please Note: It is recommended that the fountain not be installed on carpeted or wood floors. The water may damage the floor.

GFRC Albero Fountain Specifications Product Specifications:

  • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Colors: 
    • Acrylic: Almond | Ancient | Ash Grey | Ash | Blackwash | Charcoal | Dark Ancient | Dijon | Garden Green | Grey | Heavy Sierra | Khaki | Licorice | Limestone | Marble | Red Rock \ Sierra | Spice | Straw | Super White | Terra Cotta | Wheat | Willow | Desert Rose | Taupe
    • Natural: Raw | Smooth Mica
    • Stain: Absolute | Agnone | Amatrice | Atri | Celano | Chestnut | Lanciano | Popoli | Rodda Bronze | Rustic
  • Height: 36 Inches
  • Depth: 20 Inches
  • Width: 42 Inches
  • Weight: 340 lbs
  • Water Pump: Included

GFRC Albero Fountain Specifications About the Colors:

Please note: All finishes and colors may vary from color samples due to our hand applied technique. This helps each Gist product to be a unique work of art. Below are examples showing the different styles of our natural color, acid stains, and acrylic options.

Natural Colors: Raw provides a great natural look, pieces will show some imperfections and patchwork due to not being painted or stained. Smooth Mica is a reflective material added to concrete that gives the concrete a shimmering effect. Mica can be added to any of the stain options as well, such as Popoli to give the item a shimmering effect.

Stain Colors: Absolute, Agnone, Amatrice, Atri, Celano, Chestnut, Lanciano, Popoli, Rodda Bronze, and Rustic. Each stain color has a base color pictured on the left, and the accent color on the right. The accent color will appear on the front side of the item only. The accent color is applied to look like a custom drip of color. Due to the application process, the accent color will not be blended.

Acrylic Colors:

  • Streaky Acrylics – Ancient, Blackwash, Dark Ancient, Desert Rose, Marble, and Sierra are acrylic colors that have a streak effect. These colors will have more of a blended look. The accent color pictured on the right of the sample will be located on multiple sides of the item.
  • Solid with Streaks – Almond, Ash Grey, Garden Green, Heavy Sierra, Licorice, Taupe, and Wheat all have a solid base color pictured on the left of the sample. The accent color pictured on the right of the sample will be located on multiple sides of the item.
  • Solid – Ash, Charcoal, Dijon, Grey, Khaki, Limestone, Red Rock, Spice, Straw, Super White, Terra Cotta, and Willow are solid colors that do not have an accent color.
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Manufacturer's Warranty

Our pre-cast concrete bowls are warrantied against manufacturer defects or structural damage for 1 year from the date of delivery. This does NOT include:

  • Using a concrete bowl with a fire. Although the components we have paired with this product have been proven safe to use, these bowls are designed as planters and/or spillway bowls per the manufacturer and are warrantied as such.
  • Failure to use lava rock or fire glass in accordance with our recommendations.
  • Small stress cracks and surface scratches, as these occur naturally in concrete.
  • Damage from fire use, misuse, neglect, vandalism, acts of nature, or subfreezing temperatures.

Negligence to adhere to fire safety requirements and/or misuse of this product will automatically void the warranty.

Warranty Information for additional products that may be added:

  • Burner Kits: 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Electronic Ignition System: 1 year / 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Lava Rock & Fire Glass: 90 days manufacturer's warranty

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Last updated on August 2nd 2020.


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