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Renovating Your Outdoors

 May 4, 2020    Outdoor Living, All about Lighting, Water Fixtures, Fire Pits, Fire Bowls & Fixtures, Staying Warm Outdoors, The Great Outdoors

Getting Ready for Summer: Renovating Your Outdoors

With warmer weather, we all want to work and be outside. Who wouldn't?  Between cookouts, celebrations, and upgrading outdoor space our outdoor spaces are front and center. It’s important that this part of your home be as inviting and beautiful as the rest of it! So let's make this easy and fun for you!

We talk a lot about indoor fireplaces on Fireplace Doors Online, but we love the outdoors too and now that warmer weather is coming, it’s time to talk about how we can spice up your patio. You have so many options! Between water fountains that feature fire and tiki torches that’ll bathe your area in warm light, you can customize the look of your patio easily.

We have made some additions to our website and expanded our products to make sure that you have all the options when renovating your outdoor space. To highlight these additions as well as give you more ideas in making your outdoor oasis, we have made a blog to put all your options within one space! Let's get this renovation started!

We're Half Way There

Located in our Patio Living category is everything you will need to bring your outdoor space from plain to beautiful! There we have subcategories for easy shopping. Each section is loaded with a ton of detailed information pertaining to the items we have for you!

The first step to any renovation is for you to come up with an idea or design for what you want to do. If you have a pool or patio already then you just need to add or decorate to give you the perfect outdoor living space. I suggest starting with your lawn and garden. Your lawn will need to be well kept and as even as possible as this is where your garden will be located but also where you will add the decorations.

In the Lawn and Garden sub-category, you will find top quality lawnmowers and gardening tools to ensure a perfect outcome to your lawn and garden area. Once you have completed the updates to your lawn and garden, you are ready to add in your flowers, planters, or outdoor lighting. 

From there you will just need to add in your extras. For example, building an outdoor kitchen, or the addition of a pergola, and patio furniture. This is the best part as you can get as creative as you want! Of course, we are always here to help you choose, answer questions, or even help you with anything you are looking for! To view all the greatness we have to offer you for your outdoor renovation, click the picture to the right!

That Patio Life

The fireplace is our passion, but it's really more about taking an ordinary space and helping you create a place that inspires creativity, serenity, or pretty much whatever it is that you want! Our patio living sections are designed to enhance the outdoor living space of our customers and last for many years of enjoyment.

We believe that the time you spend outdoors should always be enjoyable. Your patio and poolside areas should be as amazing as the inside of your house regardless if you plan to call it home for the next several decades or are getting it ready for someone else to make it their own. This is like bringing your indoor comfort, style, and design outside for the perfect outdoor space!

Comfort and style are what really bring your outdoor space design. It is important to get the right items that will look perfect and last. We have many options when it comes to furniture. You have the choice to buy single pieces to give your patio area a facelift or you can always replace the old with something new!

We offer many styles and designs to ensure that you will love your new furniture. From classic farm styles with our wooden benches and chairs to a more modern approach with our metal patio sets. You can do it all! 

The patio furniture comes in either sets or single pieces to add a little contrast to your current set or to bring an entirely new vibe with a brand new set. We have many different options when it comes to coloring and finishes. Most of our patio items are made with either wicker, wood, or aluminum for durability. 

You've designed the perfect outdoor space and adore the feel of your patio. It's starting to get dark with the sun setting in the distance. It's now too dark to see but you're not ready to go inside yet. What are you going to do? We have the answer!

Outdoor lighting can be perfect for your late-night activities! You can choose from standing lights, mounted lights, or even hanging lights to sashay into your design. 

The addition of outdoor lighting will light up your life with our products. We have everything from modern lighting to classic lighting to stay with your style of decor.

We also offer gas or electricity on our outdoor lighting to give you every option you need. Light up your outdoor space today and have a look at all we have to offer!

Blogs For Days

We have some awesome blogs with tips, tricks, and ideas to help you renovate your outdoor space! The best part of an outdoor renovation or upgrade is that you can be as wild and creative as you want. Renovating an outdoor space does take energy, time, and money but the end result is always worth it! Take some time to go through and get inspired!

How to Make an Amazing Moon Garden you’ll Love

How to Make an Amazing Moon Garden You'll Love

Have you considered a moon garden? When the sun goes down in the summer it can be very difficult to take the party inside. We want to keep enjoying the warm weather and the company of friends and family (or the peace and quiet). Regardless of why you want to stay outside, your nighttime environment should be as inviting as it is during the daytime.

A moon garden utilizes plants and fire features that work really shine when it’s dark outside. You can read about it in our blog post here! -->

Also, check out a few of our products below and see how you can use them to make your moon garden magical.

GFRC Spindle Garden Fountain Fire Tree Stainless Steel Burner FDO Fire glass
How to Set Up Your Outdoor Lighting Perfectly

How to Set Up Your Outdoor Lighting Perfectly

Outdoor lighting is essential if you’re going to spend time outside. People actually can’t see in the dark, so it’s important that when the evening is coming on you have a way to shed a little light on your outdoor living space. Why not check out our blog post on how to set up your outdoor lighting?!

We have some beautiful tiki torches that can create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor space. Pools with fire bowls are also a source of light and all-around a wicked cool light feature!

 American Fyre Designs Fire And Water Bowl 
How to Make an Amazing Moon Garden you’ll Love

How To Install A Gas Log Lighter In Your Wood Burning Fire Pit

Wood burning fireplaces and fire pits are great, but getting the fire going can sometimes be a time consuming, tedious chore. Why not make it a little easier by installing a gas log lighter? Gas log lighters are great for cutting that chore down to simply opening a valve and lighting the gas. The lighter does the rest and you get to sit back and enjoy your wood-burning fire pit that much quicker.

If you don’t have a fire pit and DIY fire pit ideas aren’t really your thing then you can check out some of the fire pits we sell? Whether we craft it ourselves or have a supplier, we stand behind our selection of fire pits and the quality work that’s put into them.

Steel Barrel Fire Pit Cast Iron Log Lighter Natural Gas Steel Rectangular Wood Burning Fire Pit

As always don't forget that we have so many more to look at! If you didn't find what you were looking for then CLICK HERE for our complete blog list!

The Late Night Picture Show

Pictures and words are great for inspiration for your outdoor renovation. Lucky for you we also have some awesome videos that will blow your mind with features but also some tips for your outdoor space. From creating an outdoor kitchen to how to place your tiki lights, our videos are a great way to have fun with your ideas! Some videos also highlight our products so you can see them work and know what to expect when you add in a little something exciting to your outdoor spaces!



Bring Summer On

To conclude our outdoor renovation blog, always know we are here for you through the process. We have so much helpful information and even can help you find contractors to help with the job! We know that outdoor renovation can be a pain and stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Always remember that you have the support of a team here that will go through it all by your side.

Also, to keep in mind, if you are looking to work on your indoor renovation during the colder months, we have you covered there too! Click here to check out our indoor renovation section.

And as always, follow us on social media for all our updates, promotions, and new blogs!

Last updated on May 19th 2021.


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