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Gas Burning Fireplaces

Gas Burning Fireplaces

If you're searching for a centerpiece for the mid century home you're restoring or creating a retro-themed space, look no further than the Malm, free standing gas fireplaces  These gas burning fireplaces are constructed from heavy duty steel and can match a range of color themes with the option for 10 different porcelain enamel colors (on select models), fired on at 1500° for a long lasting finish. These Malm fireplaces are vented and come with damper pipe, but they may require some customization and additional material if your ceiling height its greater than 8 feet. If a freestanding fireplace is not your style, we also have a vent free, gas firebox. All unit are compatible with natural gas and liquid propane. 


Why can't I install these free standing fireplaces in my mobile home?

  • It all comes down to height. Standard mobile home ceilings are 7 feet tall and these free standing fireplaces need 8 feet of clearance.