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Decorative Fretwork Panels for Home Renovation

The design of fretwork panels is purely symmetrical and repetitive.  Inspired by Celtic themes and patterns, this type of wall panel set is undoubtedly appealing and intricate.  It also has a combination vibe of Moorish, Arabic, and Turkish cultures. 

What kind of based-materials composes a Fretwork Panel? 


The most popular material used for manufacturing fretwork panels is Medium-density Fibre Wood known as MDF. This material can be easily sliced, sanded, and sprayed with primer. The use of MDF for a fretwork panel makes a well-made dividing screen, decorative wall panel, or fretwork mirrored door. In short, it is fully multi-purpose for home décor and improvement. 

Acrylic Paint 

For a unique embellished panel, acrylic paint is also used when making a panel. The use of acrylic paint offers a range of color options and excellent effects. A fretwork panel can be painted in acrylic paint with a thin measurement of 5mm. It can result in a striking effect if you add a back lite with LED lights.

Note: If you have a different preference, you can choose a Foamed PVC as the base material for your fretwork panel. It is an effective decorative option for cutting designs. This includes a variety of color options. A foamed PVC is also an excellent pick because it is lightweight and easy to fix safely to a wall. It is less at risk of structural damage as people pass because of its spongy texture.

What are the primary uses of Fretwork Panels? 

Aside from its materials, fretwork panels have a wide range of purposes. These aesthetic wall sheets can also be used on the following:

  • Artwork or decor. 
  • A private screen for public establishments or at home. 
  • Acoustic ceiling tiles
  • Radiator cover 
  • Room dividers

What are the premium benefits of using a Fretwork Panel for your interior or exterior walls?  

  • Light Weight
  • Shock Proof 
  • Durable 
  • Low Maintenance

Fretwork Panels Provider – Fireplace Doors Online 

These fretwork panels are inspired by Islamic, Arabic, Indian, and Moroccan architectural elements. They can add beautiful lattice-like work to any accent wall, niche, or space that's lacking in texture. Use them as a way to separate space while still leaving it feeling big and not interrupting the line of sight. Each pattern is available in two sizes.

Want to upgrade your walls with a distinct décor? Then a Fretwork Panel suits you the best! This type of wall is not just pure beauty but also has a combination of well-made materials. So, your purchase will not go to waste. 




Can I customize the design of Fretwork Panels for my walls at home?

An offered customization feature of a fretwork panel depends on your partnered home provider. Most of the home providers today market their company designs already instead of having customizing features.