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Achieving Classy French Decor Designs Through 5 Easy Steps 

It is a common fact that French culture is somehow dominating industries for a very long time. There's no doubt that French people are strong contenders. You can see it on their influence on the fashion scene. These are also evident down to mouth-watering cuisines and grandeur music. And even in the comforts of a home, their empowering style creates a huge impact in every corner. That’s why many people, including the non-Parisians, are doted on transforming their own spaces. Most of it are like its vibe and style. Yet, mastering the art of French Décor in a household leads to common mishaps. More often, it is like the wrong layering, unbalanced schemes, and more. Moreover, it can also be an unfortunate off beam item matching or over decorating of accents. Well, it’s quite upsetting, but that stuff is inescapable, especially with first-timers. Now, to avoid such des erreurs – here’s a list of easy yet effective ways to achieve a classy French interior design:


  • It’s all about vintage – put the richness of history in your dwelling. The love for antiques is a core factor of this refined home theme. Thus, this certain fondness for aging things heightens a dramatic effect on a room. Filling tables, shelves, or walls with old-aged accents is a splendid French home design approach. Also, the use of vintage finds like classic desks, decorative mirrors, or chairs is a big plus.
  • Go for a monochrome palette – work with subdued schemes. Do you really want to pursue a French-styled house? Then, placing shades of grey and metallic touches within your space is only right. There’s no place for bright and loud colors here! This is the main reason why French homes look very intimidating and sophisticated.
  • Applying natural elements – elaborating style with floral additions. Putting on a bouquet of lovely roses is a nice embellishment for tables to an area inspired by French style. It strengthens the grace and flair of space. It is because flowers are already aesthetic pieces that you can use as décor. But, the use a single type of flower only to avoid a “crowded look”.
  • Aesthetic detailing with lush fabrics – dangling magnificent curtains. It doesn't matter if it’s silk or patterned drapes. The use of rich textiles is also highly recommended with a Parisian inspired home. So, there’s nothing wrong going with bold and strong pieces!
  • Grand gold and sparkling crystals – a touch of allure and romance. If there’s one place in which crystals and gold items looks very natural – that’s with a French home style. So, better hang a chandelier made from crystals and gold now in your dining or living room. This is to create the perfect icing of your Parisian household.

Your Country French Décor Provider – Fireplace Doors Online

If you want your home styled with French accents – don’t worry because we have it here at Fireplace Doors Online! Modern French-themed accents are a part of our wide décor collection. Take a pick from offered products such as Fleur de Lis bookends, Parisian styled mirrors, and more! Whether you want it for your shelves or tabletops, leave it all to us. These are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. All our deals here are satisfactory in quality. So, what’s taking the delay? Decide now, then shop later! Contact us for more info at 888-986-1535. À plus!



What is the difference between a French Country Style and a Farmhouse Style?

  • There are two main variances between the two home styles: their style contrast and lines. Normally, French styled spaces are softer in visual while a farmhouse style is more spontaneous. In addition, French style focuses on curve lines compared with farmhouse that have many defined lines.