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Outdoor Water Fountains

When winter has finally passed and it’s time to enjoy the outdoors again, being outside can be a serene experience. Or, if your outdoor living space isn’t quite as nice as you’d like it, maybe it’s time to do some home improvement upgrades!

A water fountain adds so much to an outdoor area. It isn’t surprising that hospitals, hotels and public gardens have a water feature of some type because of the healing nature of water. Check out some of our top benefits to having a water fountain below! We’re sure that you’ll love it.

Benefits of a Water Fountain

Water is soothing.

For centuries people around the globe have included water fountains in their own private garden oasis and for good reason: water is soothing. The sound of water gently flowing in the background as it goes over the surface of a water fountain is a proven stress reducer.

The sound from a water fountain can also help drown out noise pollution, such as traffic or other sounds that hinder relaxation or productivity.

Your local wildlife loves fountains.

Birdbaths are in many gardens, but birds enjoy water fountains as well! Because the water is moving it doesn’t go stagnate, which is great for four-legged and feathered visitors to your garden. (it’s important to make sure that these visitors do not leave anything behind. Make sure that you keep track of filter changes and any additives to the water designed to purify it.)

They are pretty!

The biggest and most obvious reason is that water fountains are pretty! A well placed water fountain can make any area look spectacular, which only improves the ambiance. Your outdoor living space should be comfortable and a way to relieve the stress of the day.

Plus, an outdoor water fountain can increase your property value! When it comes to reselling your property, whether it’s to move into a new home or commercial real estate, it’s important that you get the most out of it. A water fountain can go a long way in doing that!

What these fountains are made of?

It’s important when shopping for a water fountain that material and construction be taken into consideration.

Poorly made items can’t hold up to the weather and damage that mother nature may inflict on them the way better quality products can. In other words, you get what you pay for. The water fountains we sell are made to withstand the storm longer than the rest, so you can be sure that as long as it’s cared for, it’ll provide ambiance and a stress-free atmosphere for years to come!

In addition to extra durable material, these water fountains come in a wide array of stain options! Colors like:

an infograph showing color stains
  • Ash Grey
  • Charcoal
  • Dijon
  • Heavy Sierra
  • Spice
  • And many more!

For our copper water bowls, they are oil rubbed and have a rich luster designed to be beautiful for years to come.

We have a variety of sizes too ranging from as small as one foot high up to 5 feet high! Whether you have a small space to accent or you need to make a bold statement, these water fountains make an excellent addition to your outdoor space.

How Do These Fountains Work?

Water fountains require electricity to work, but for the fire and water products, you need natural gas or propane as well. With the water fountains, a pump filters the water and then pipes it up through the structure to come out of the top, just like any other water fountain.

For those spectacular pieces with fire, the two are kept separate of course, with fuel lines providing for the fire. Both are well insulated against one another so normal wear and tear won’t cause problems!

It’s important to remember that fountains require maintenance as well. Supplies such as water filters and chemicals to help keep the water clean (and thus, the fountain flowing smoothly) are all important to keeping your water fountain up and running.


Can I install my water fountain inside?

  • We don’t recommend installing a water fountain on carpet or wood as it can damage the flooring. That said, you can as long as the subfloor is strong enough to support the weight and water won’t damage it!

How are they powered?

  • The pumps in water fountains are powered by electricity. Our fire and water features use either natural gas or propane as fuel for the fire.

How do fire and water features work?

  • The hardware for the fire and water feature is kept separate, so you don’t have to worry about that! The fire and water product is designed to keep these two functions separate when it is used properly.

What kind of material goes into our fountains?

  • We’re glad you asked! Glass fiber reinforced concrete is what is used on these durable fountains. GFRC is designed for use with architecture and buildings, so you can count on it to last and withstand normal wear and tear for years to come!