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Fountain Pumps

We have outdoor water fountain pumps for all your fountain needs, from the mini pumps that create a small, decorative spout of water to the large pumps that cascade majestic 12 foot arcs for large residential and commercial water features. The pumps are energy efficient, running on a low wattage, so they can be ran without shockingly increasing the electric bill. But a decreased wattage doesn't mean a smaller fountain height. The mag-drive and flow design assures  that water will soar to new heights from these water pumps, whether they are submerged or operating in-line. Each is backed by a 5 year warranty.


How to calculate the amount of water needed in your reservoir for your submersible fountain pump:

  • Too much water and your water feature will flood when the pump is shut off. Not enough water and the pump will run dry, have air pockets, and become noisy.
  • It is recommended that the gallon size of your water feature equals the gallon per hour (GPH) rate of your water pump. For example, if you have a 300 gallon pond, you need a water pump that can put out 300 GPH. 




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